Today’s Devotional

"Love Others Just I Have Loved You, For This Is The Greatest Law..."

Hosting Is Done Out Of Love.

Hosting someone in your home is not an easy thing. It is quite hard to live with someone who isn’t related to you and to love them at all times. Most times when we have hosted someone in our homes for so long, you tend to feel bothered and you would rather their stay is not extended, that is the common way of thinking.  If you host someone it should be done in love, they should not feel out of place or like an inconvenience. Above all, that is the greatest gesture of love, to care for others.

My child, often people just think about themselves and what they want. It may be easy for you to dismiss others and treat them wrongly, but still expect others to treat you well. You may have been in a position to help someone who was vulnerable or was going through a hard time, but instead of easing their burden, you made them feel more out of place. You say you love me, but can you really love someone you have not seen, yet hate the one you see every time? Love is shown by your actions consistently.

Beloved, you were once a sinner, apart from me, but when you found me, I welcomed you with both arms. I have hosted you and adopted you as my own child. I have shown my love to you and I intend to continually make you feel at home. It is best to remember this when you are dealing with all people.  Ghosting others to your home and treating them right increases their faith and shows the joy of communion. Take this chance of hosting people and treating them well, because an angel may visit your home, and you may turn them away or treat them wrong. Be kind, because you never know just who may come, and how great they may touch your life.

Hosting Others Is Spiritual Warfare.

How many people dismiss the needs of others? You may know someone who is going through a problem, and you refuse to take care of them, to your best ability, no matter how little. Hosting other people brings you together and keeps the person from having negative life-changing experiences. Every Christian is called to hospitality, and this can be shown by hosting someone, you practice this by sharing your resources, and also sharing your needs as the guest.  You are either receiving or giving. You either need the body to build you up or you are building the body. 

My child, it is my desire that brothers and sisters, alongside strangers and neighbors are shown kindness, because this takes my gospel upstream. You may concentrate on the people of your denomination, or maybe just host someone whom you relate with or believe in the same thing, but where does it leave the lost? And how does it reflect on my love?

Beloved, the very gates of heaven are shaken for the souls of your neighbors. If it is hosting them in your house and having that conversation where you tell them about me, that would save them, then that would be a great pleasure. Do not operate with ignorance or stereotype other people because of their lifestyles, because this will beat a whole impact that you could bring. Remember my disciples through time, just as you are, I am close to the lowly and gentle to the lost. I am a shepherd who gathers my sheep, let your home offer hosting for them as I show them the kindness that is in the kingdom.

Reflect on These Words Today:

“Teach me to do your will, for you are my God; may your good Spirit lead me on level ground.”

(Psalms 143:10)

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