Here’s How You Can Trust The Lord In Challenging Times

The Lord loves you. And the trials He chooses for you will only help you make stronger than ever. It’s a fact that the trials that you go through make you a better and more compassionate person, provided that you’ve learned your lesson. But it’s also true that having faith in the Lord is truly hard when challenging times are upon you. And, yes, some of these trials come with physical pain, which may make them all the more excruciating.


But, in today’s post, let’s delve deeper into understanding the secrets of trusting the Lord in tough times. The best part is that trusting God is possible for each one of you – even if you’re a non-believer. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get down to understanding the hacks of cultivating sustainable faith even when things aren’t in your favor.

The Secrets Of Believing In The Lord During Hard Times

You may have had hard times, or you may be having hard times right now in life. Either way, it’s possible to have faith in the Lord. Whether you’re battling a life-threatening illness or a bad relationship, God is there with you. He’s always there in your corner, trying to motivate you to fight your hardest and win over every challenge. Sure, it’s not easy to think about the Lord whenever you’re suffering the most. But the moment you’ve got faith in the Lord, you’ll be a step closer to deriving joy from your life’s battles. Here are the three secret hacks to help you build solid faith in the Lord even when things are going south. Let’s get started.

See The Trials As Your Journey To Spiritual Liberation

Whenever you suffer from trials, you must remember that every trouble is paving the road to your spiritual liberation. So, you have to view every trial as an opportunity to accelerate the pace of self-growth.

Express Your Gratitude To The Lord

Always show your gratitude to the Lord. Living a life of no gratitude means that you’re not thankful for anything. And living a life of this type is no fun for sure. One more thing – always pay your gratitude to the Lord even when your prayers haven’t been answered yet. That’s the true mark of your humanity and devotion to the Lord.

Pray To The Lord And Meditate Keeping Him In Mind

Want to strengthen your bond with the Lord? If yes, then you’ve got to pray to the Lord and meditate, keeping Him in mind. Everything starts the moment you begin praying, so you have to make a solid plan according to which you’ll offer your prayers.

Wrapping It Up

Now, you know a thing or two about how to start seeing your trials and tribulations in a different light. First up, you’ll have to change your perspective of these trials. Like, if you keep seeing these trials as troubles, then you won’t be able to learn from them. Then, you’ll have to make sure you never fail to showcase your gratitude to the Lord and his Angels. Last but not least, keep praying to the Lord and meditate with Him. This way, you’ll have the energy, wisdom, and courage to not only face your trials but also derive joy from them.