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Here Are The Gems Found Within
7 Day Prayer Miracle

Success story after success story of blessed ones that have connected with the Divine source and are now experiencing a raging free-flow of miracles.

The shockingly simple 4-Sentence-Prayer has helped 135,375 ordinary people manifest extraordinary miracles in their lives.

How you can leverage the most powerful methods of praying and create miracles in your life.

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Empowering ordinary people to manifest extraordinary miracles in their lives through the power of praying.


About Seven Day
Prayer Miracle


We believe that prayer is the most powerful method to manifest miracles. We have done an in-depth research in the ancient scriptures as well as in modern science studies, and we have put our heart and soul in this online program.

We are convinced that Prophet Daniel’s method of praying can changes hundreds of thousands of lives around the world.

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