Your Handy Guide To Working Effectively With Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is a key Archangel in the court of the Lord. People believe that this Archangel is very close to the Lord. Because of his closeness to the Creator, Michael is the Prince of the Heavenly Hosts. Most religious scriptures and texts have numerous mentions of Michael. For this reason, most people believe that Archangel Michael is the preserver of safety and peace.

Archangel Michael

Besides, many people also believe that this Archangel helps give clarity to move forward in life. The best part is that anyone can work with Michael. If you also want to work with this Archangel but don’t know how to start, then this guide is for you. Here, we’ll explain to you step by step how you can connect with Archangel Michael and work with him. Let’s get down to the details now.

Step 1: Find A Pleasant Space To Work

When it comes to connecting with Archangel Michael, you must find a comfortable space. Like, you can opt for a comfy chair. Or if you want to lie down and think about this Archangel, then a firm bed will do. The only thing is that your head must be fully supported.

Step 2: Imagine Roots Coming Towards Your Feet

You’ll have to imagine that roots are coming from the ground towards your feet. Think that these roots will tie to the sole of your feet so that you can feel grounded. Yes, this Archangel also helps you practice self-grounding techniques. Many people who’ve got troubles in remaining grounded pray to Michael. Besides, these imaginary roots will also help you push yourself towards the ground. This way, you’ll feel protected and safe while remaining connected to Mother Earth.

Step 3: Imagine Seeing Golden Light

Once you’re grounded, think of a pool of golden light flooding your room. Sooner rather than later, this golden light will surround you. You’ll simply have to feel that a soothing golden circle of light is entering your body so that you can gain the divine confidence to overcome your challenges in life.

Step 4: Pray To Archangel Michael

Now that the divine golden hue has entered your soul, you must pray to Archangel Michael. Say whatever you want to say to him, or ask whatever you want to ask him. Like, here’s what your prayer should look like – “Archangel Michael, thank you for visiting me. Please remain in my corner and help me finish this task.”

Wrapping It Up

Here are the steps that’ll help you establish a firm connection with Archangel Michael. You’ll have to remember that the success of this process will rest on only one element – your faith. If you lack faith, you’ll not be able to imagine this Archangel helping you. So, make sure you have full faith in the spiritual abilities of Archangel Michael. That’s why we suggest you read a few things about Archangel Michael and then craft your own miracle prayer that he’ll hear for sure. Happy praying!