Today's Mother Mary Card Is...


Credits: “Mother Mary Oracle” | Author: Alana Fairchild | Artwork: Shiloh Sophia McCloud | Publisher: Blue Angel Publishing

"Our Lady of the Resurrection"

Mother Mary’s message for you

As you join with my heart, your eternal light resides within me. I am holding you safe in my love. Feel the warmth of my goodness and grace as I show you a new path through any darkness that you experience. Let me light your way so that you experience peace, happiness and rebirth.

You deserve to live free from doubts, worries and confusion. You have a future that is to be positive and peaceful. My beloved, I’m holding your hand as you step into the light now. You will soon feel the incredible release of being born again!

What you need to know

It is one of the unfortunate or possibly fortunate facts of life that to truly authentically live, it’s necessary to suffer some endings. Without these there are no new beginnings, you see. So, you may go through deaths of friendships, relationships, identities, ideals and even of particular dreams and hopes. With this in mind, it is supremely important that you work through and acknowledge these endings.

You need to grieve in whatever way you see fit for what is no more. See these endings as necessary for you to have become the person you are today no matter what these may be. You see, without going through the grieving process, you will always hold onto these experiences. You won’t have dealt with them which will cause you heartache in the short and the long term.

Prayer for healing

See yourself sitting under a dark, moonlit sky as you sit by a lovely woman clothed in beautiful white flowing robes. As you sit in silence together, pay attention to the thoughts and feelings you are experiencing as you release these into the night. Suddenly, the lady turns her eyes towards you as you see the sun rise from behind her. All you can feel is pure joy as you are both bathed in beautiful amber light.

As you feel yourself healing, say the following, “From the blackness of night, I step into the light. I turn my heart and thoughts to you, oh Blessed Mother. I feel safe in the knowledge that I am your beloved child. I feel rejuvenated, loved and adored as I am, as I have been and as I will be!”

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