Today’s Devotional

"Dear one, you can always rely on my divine providence. I will make a way for you in those times of hardships and give you victory over your problems..."

Seek the kingdom of God.

Just like you seek loans to fulfill your financial desires and obligations, seek my kingdom to receive the gift of eternal life.  My child, you may feel the need to take up a loan so that you may buy that dream house or car. However, a dream house or car does not last for all eternity whereas my kingdom does. My kingdom contains great rewards and blessings that one shall receive by serving me. Therefore, strive to serve me by honoring my teachings and following my commandments. Repent and confess your sins and you shall receive my glory through salvation and redemption. As a saved Christian, you shall receive my grace and power in your life. I shall work miracles in your life, bless you and your entire household as well. The enemy shall have no power over you. You shall be a conqueror and victor in all your battles and challenges. You shall receive my mighty hand and feel my presence working in you. I shall fulfill all that your heart desires that money acquired through loans can’t fulfill.

Be a generous and cheerful giver

Dear one, when you decide to help others who are struggling financially, do it without expecting anything in return. If you offer them help by giving out loans, do not exploit them by charging interest to make profit. In fact, be a generous and cheerful giver and bless others like I have blessed you and you shall receive greater rewards. Be kind and compassionate to the less fortunate, give with love and embrace those in need with kindness. God is love; therefore share and help those who are struggling.

Believe in divine providence.

My child, whatever problem is pushing you towards taking up loans, cast it unto me and I shall provide for you. Dear one, I shall come through for you and help you out of your challenges. I shall make each and every desire you have come true. Trust and have faith in me. Problems and challenges may seem that they have overwhelmed and overpowered you but I tell you dear one, you may be overpowered but not defeated. I shall grant you victory over financial struggles and make the desires you have come to pass. You might feel like the material wealth you desire may be taking too long to come your way and compel you to seek loans, but I ask you child to be patient with me. Wait for my time because it is always the best. I shall always be there for you to protect and provide for you.

Do not be conformed to the ways of the world.

Money is not everything. The world is ruled by money and other material possessions but you should not give in to the ways of the world. My child, money and all the materials are just temporary wealth capable of losing its value. You might think that money is true happiness but true happiness is in my kingdom. You may feel that taking up a loan shall solve your problems but it leaves you with a burden of paying it off which creates a bigger problem. 

What if you won’t have the ability to pay the loan at the due time? Where is true happiness in that? Do not let the problems and things of the world corrupt your relationship with me. Stay in my light and you shall receive true happiness that money cannot buy nor offer.

Reflect on These Words Today:

“If you lend money to any of my people with you who is poor, you shall not be like a moneylender to him, and you shall not exact interest from him.”

(Exodus 22:25)

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