Today’s Devotional

"My Child, When Unaware, I Will Alert You of the Damages Set against You..."

Admit To Me as Your All-Time Guardian Angel

It is unsafe to operate a motor vehicle when a change oil light appears because by doing so, its engine gets damaged. Ignoring the change oil light signal means carelessness and the costs you will incur in the future in the maintenance of your vehicle will be more than what you would spend immediately when the change oil light signal appears. You are also at risk of getting involved in an accident. Regular checkups of your vehicle will avoid the change oil light signal from appearing thus preventing the consequences that would occur from not doing so.

Dear child, in life not everyone wishes you well and plans are made to destroy your life by your enemies. Clearly, you are not aware of the moves made when somebody wants to see your downfall or when one wants to waste your life. I can see whatever is done in secret and just as the change oil light signal in a motor vehicle appears to alert you, I will make you aware of plans made against you by your enemies to protect you from falling into their baits and destruction set upon you.

If a vehicle is not installed with the change oil light sensor, the operator wouldn’t instantly know when the oil is low and this would pose danger to them. This is the same as when you don’t allow me in your life, something is set to happen to you, no one will make you aware before it happens to you. Allow me to be your change oil light signal for I will disappoint your enemies and you will end up victorious. Anyone who gathers against you will with assurance be followed by defeat. It’s a commitment to me to make sure that every arrow shot against you loses its force. As long as you are on my side, we remain invincible against the enemies, and their plans against us amount to nothing.

My Signals Are Way Better Than That of Oil Change Light

When somebody takes their vehicle for regular servicing they are assured that their vehicle is not exposed to any threat of damages. What if the mechanic you took your vehicle to, left some things undone? What if they did not change the oil or add up to the extent that it should be and when you least expect it, the change oil light signal shows up? For obvious reasons, if the vehicle is in good condition, a defensive driver will get worried. On the contrary, if the vehicle after servicing takes a while before the change oil signal shows up, the operator will be calm and will inform their mechanic the next time the change oil light shows up again.

Beloved, amongst yourselves, it is hard to find someone to entrust your life with. I can do the most in your life from taking care of you to ensure that I do not put your life at risk or your belongings. Trusting me with your life is what you should strive to do just as you put your trust in the change oil light signal to appear so as to save you from any consequence that would occur from the oil lessening. Increase your trust in me and have faith that whatever is planned against you in secret, I shall make it known to you.

My child, you will experience hatred in life which I know all about but in me, it will be subdued by my love. I will caution and save you from the evil plans made against you by the enemy who roams around searching for someone to swallow up. Change your evil ways and keep close to me and be firm in your faith.

Reflect on These Words Today

“Do not fear them, for the Lord your God is the one fighting for you.”

(Deuteronomy 3:22)

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