Today’s Devotional

"My Dear Child, Hinge On Me For Your Life For Its Unheard Of Making Through Life Without Me..."

Let Me Be The Software Of Your Life

Without software in your electronic device, neither can you be in a position to reach out to your friends nor can you use programs to increase your performance basically because it is the software that tells electronic devices how to perform their work. The software is an essential part of electronics and without it, the software devices wouldn’t function.

My child, just as most electronic devices are useless without software, so is your life is pointless and empty without me. I possess the world with everything in it, both the living and nonliving, therefore, it is impossible to live without me. Similar to the dependency of electronic devices on the software to function, you are fully dependent on me.  I give all you need starting with life itself because without air that you breathe, then you wouldn’t be alive. Just as software sends signals to the device on what to do to function, I also expect you to pay attention to what I tell you so as to live a fulfilled life and one that I approve of. I get delighted when somebody does good and communicates because they are extending their sacrifices to me.

Your life will be deprived of the essence, worth, and goals if you do it without me, and as a result, it will be unimportant like how computers are useless if they can’t operate when the software isn’t installed. Frequently admit that you need me in your life and humble yourself. I get you off all the difficulties you undergo in life and forgive your sin by breaking the stronghold in your lives.  Just as software, I approve and give a go-ahead of everything that transpires on the earth.

I Am Of Significance As Software Is

Electronic devices work perfectly when they are equipped with the software and one will not be annoyed when the device stops functioning. Your life will be perfect, free from worries when you have me in it. My presence is in the entire universe even where people deny my existence. I may be denied but that does not nullify my existence and it is upon you to introduce me to the world and especially to those who have never heard about me for I am the software that ensures your life operates smoothly. 

My child,  most of the time you choose to be confident in the things you do by yourself instead of trusting me until things take a turn for the worse in your life and that’s when you need my help. Do not wait until you realize your device lacks software and you feel useless which makes you want to draw closer to me. Have faith in me and believe that I exist and I reward those who seek me at all times.

Oh, beloved, pray that I get you out of the hardships that occur to you. My involvement in your life shall bring to you divine activities that will propel you into glorious life. I will give you the power to push for the accomplishment of your divine purpose. Follow your heart and do not be driven by what others think. You see the way software is an assurance that it can’t be possible for an electronic device to work when it is not installed, in the same way, you should be assured that when you put your life in me, nothing shall be impossible. I have a plan for you all whom I have given life to, so let not your faith in me be diminished.

Reflect on These Words Today

“I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing.”

(John 15:5)

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