Today’s Devotional

"Precious One, I Will Heal You And Keep You Safe..."

Trust Me For Your Treatment.

When you are going through a health issue, you are never sure that the treatment will work.  Patients who are going through treatment mostly because of severe illnesses, get used to living in uncertainty. You start wondering if you will be alive for a long time or if your body will accept the treatment. A patient needs to have a complete shift of mind and choose to see things from a positive light. Patients have no other option than to fully rely on their doctors to administer treatment until they are fully healed.

My child, trusting someone is not easy especially when you are facing issues that you feel others cannot understand. You have been keeping your struggles to yourself yet I see that they deeply hurt you.  As much as this has worked for some time, there is a need for you to offload that unnecessary baggage. Tell me of your deepest worries and I will give you treatment to recover back hope and cheerfulness of spirit. Though my treatment may not be physical, you will surely see the change. Beloved, I will help you shift your mind to see life from a better perspective that allows you to live wholly.

Going through a period of treatment and healing can be frustrating and confusing. Whether it is physical or in your spirit, you may feel stuck to find your way out. In moments like these, remember that you are not alone. My child, entrust yourself to me and I will help you reach the other side of peace and freedom. You have praised me, this I have seen, when I heal you, you will be healed and when I save you, you will be saved. For I will be a refuge to you to offer treatment in every area of your life.

Accept Things As They Are.

When you first get ill, you may find it difficult to accept the whole condition. Refusing to take treatment can be detrimental to your health and you may have very few options left. Accepting the situation as it is and giving it a more realistic approach is very necessary. Treatment works best in a positive environment and with a willing heart.

My child, living in constant denial keeps you from getting any solutions and progressing. Some situations you have gone through may be so difficult and painful for you that you choose to live as if it did not happen. This may be a divorce, loss of a job or even getting a terminal illness. However, my precious one, how is treatment going to take place if the situation is not accepted? Not everything will go as you planned, yet I do not cease to be a God of impossibilities. If one thing does not work as you wanted, then maybe there is a different and still beautiful path you can create.

Beloved, accepting things as they are can be difficult at first, but this is a sign of having faith in me. Acceptance shows that you have let me take the wheel and steer the course of the situation, and during this moment, I will shelter you with comfort, and turn things around for you. I have seen your ways, and I will heal you. I will guide you and offer treatment that will restore you to better days. Let there be peace in your heart, precious one.

Reflect on These Words Today

“Surely it was for my benefit that I suffered such anguish. In your love you kept me from the pit of destruction; you have put all my sins behind your back.”

(Isaiah 38:17)

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