Today’s Devotional

"Seek me at all times. My instructions and teachings will correct, sustain, protect and lead you to righteousness and my glory..."

Turn unto prayer always

My child, seek me and call unto me through prayer at all times. Prayer is a walkway into my heart and should be your first response in times of adversity. Whenever the trials and the problems of life have left you weak and hopeless, turn to me in prayer. Prayer is an acknowledgment of my power and your faith in me. It is through prayer that you submit and communicate that which burdens you to me. Whenever you feel weak and hopeless, call unto me and I shall grant you the peace and joy you desire. You shall find my comfort and strength upon calling unto me. Make your requests known to me through prayer and I shall fulfill all that you want and need.

Most are the times you stumble and fall when faced with challenges. Whenever you feel weak, anxious, discouraged, overwhelmed and afraid seek refuge in me through prayer. My child, the power of prayer will protect you from the destruction of the enemy. In those times you get tempted by the enemy, fall on your knees in prayer to ask for guidance and victory. Whenever you feel that the wages of sin and evil have overwhelmed you, pray that you may receive healing and victory. When you are under the pressure of your challenges and how out of your control they are,  pray for the situations for there is no circumstance that is greater than the power of prayer.

Follow my instructions

My child, obey and live by the instructions that I have laid out for you. Follow my path and you shall possess righteousness. Obey and honor my commandments as that is a sign of respect to my authority. My instructions and commandments will guide you in wisdom and direct you to success. My undying love has compelled me to lay these commandments to guide you so you may not fall in the darkness. When you walk away from my path, you give the enemy control over your life

Beloved one, there those times the challenges of life subject you to misery and suffering. In those times my word will guide, comfort, and strengthen you. Do not allow challenges to make you give up on me and my instructions and compel you to sin. For instance, one of my instructions is that you may worship no other God but me. You choose to worship the things of the world such as money and abandon my instructions and glory. Disregarding my instructions and failing to obey my commandments attract punishment, misery, and suffering. 

Often the suffering you experience is a result and consequence of your own actions. When you choose to live in sin, you disregard my commandments. 

Dear one, I understand that to humans is to error and you are likely to fall into temptations. Child, whenever you fall out of my glory, I will always be present to pick you up. Make your way right with me by living righteously and heeding my commandments. Refrain from the ways of the world and focus on my glory. My word will guide you in wisdom, protect you from evil, and comfort you in times of adversities. Be glad and hopeful in me. I will reward your righteousness by fulfilling my promises to you for I am a faithful God.

Reflect On These Words Today:

“I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you.”

(Psalm 32:8)

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