Today’s Devotional

"Build each other up by sharing faith and being helpful to one other in times of adversities..."

Encourage and uplift others.

In a world full of ups and downs and the unpredictable and challenging nature of life one can easily lose sight of what is truly important. You have had your own share of troubles and so you understand how discouraging the weight of the difficulties are. You understand how easy it is to stop and give up due to the weariness from the storms. How one is unable to smile and breathe in peace due to the storms. 

My child, be one that encourages others in their times of despair. Be their source of hope and pillar of strength by assuring them that everything will be better with faith and in my timing. Their lives may be falling apart due to financial crisis, a failed marriage, or bad news of their health from the doctor but encourage them by assuring them that their troubles are temporary and are serving a greater good. I have chosen you to speak truth to the hearts of those that are discouraged and remind them that I have overcome the world and I have plans of prosperity and not destruction. Always uplift your brothers and sisters by encouraging them to trust in my purpose so that they may witness my power, grace, and glory in their lives.

I am love and I encourage you to show love to your brothers and sisters and help them in their times of need so you may experience my glory. Helping and uplifting others in their time of trouble is honoring me as loving one another fulfills me.  Encourage them to seek refuge in me and in prayer so that they may have the strength and courage to overcome their troubles.  Give them hope by giving them a testimony of my glory, grace, and how I rescued you from your anxieties and burdens and delivered you to greatness.

Share your faith in me with others

My child, share your faith with others through testimonies and that shall give them hope and build their faith in me and my power to work in their difficulties. Inspire others with your stories by confessing that by faith you were saved and delivered to greatness. 

Child, how would you respond if you were asked why you so believe in me? Do not be afraid to share your testimony because you are ashamed of your story. For instance, sometime back before salvation you may have worked as a sex worker due to financial crisis, you pray to me in faith and in patience to create better opportunities for you so that you may abandon that disgraceful job.  In my timing, your prayers will be answered,  you will get a more decent job and your financial situation will improve. I will give you the courage and strength to be transparent enough to share your faith despite the story.  Speak up for me by sharing my love and grace with others. 

My child, pray that I may always make you strong so that you may also make others believe. I will empower you in your mission to bring to me those that are yet to experience hope, comfort, courage, and joy in my salvation. You, my child, are blessed and rewarded for your great works for the gift of eternal life belongs to you as well as you have a place in my kingdom.

Reflect On These Words Today:

“Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.”

(1 Thessalonians 5:11)

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