Today’s Devotional

"The Testing Of Your Faith Produces Endurance, Consider It Pure Joy When You Face Trials..."

Do Not Be Hopeless.

When life seems hopeless and everything seems to be falling apart, consider my servants who wanted to give up, but managed to overcome trials. When everything is going smoothly, how can you see my goodness? The enemy wants you to start losing faith and hope. He wants to destroy, but he will never succeed because my love for you never fails. I do not lie, and I assure you that I will not leave nor forsake you. If I have allowed you to be in a situation, be assured that you will have a future. My will may not be the easiest road, but it is the right road, and I will get you through it.

You may have tried so hard and nothing ever really worked out. You may have suffered so much and at this point, you don’t want to try anymore. Hopelessness may be slowly creeping in and you have no desire to project your life anymore. At whatever age, your life is to be enjoyed and lived fully with hope. My child, I will make a way here, where there seems to be none. I will help you whenever you call out to me. You will not be put to shame when you trust me. Trust in my word because I will guide you, do not stop telling me of your concerns. The hopelessness you feel may escalate to depression, set your mind on me so that I can give you peace like no other. I will fight for you and you have only to be silent and wait.

My child, I will give you a cheerful spirit, that will constantly send its fragrance and beauty, and bless everyone within its reach. The hopelessness you may feel is not a barrier to my work. When you are without strength, without hope, without resources- then I love to stretch my hand forth to you from heaven. Once you see where I began with you, then you will always have a reason to be encouraged.

I Will Never Forsake You.

What makes someone despair the most is the thought that they are in a problem alone. You may be going through some overwhelming life events, and you really wish you had a shoulder to lean on. You may be crying yourself to sleep and thinking why things have been so tough on you sometimes. You may also be experiencing a very good space in your life, maybe the success of your career, and all this you have to be alone.

My child, in all seasons, I am here for you, through your highs and lows. I will go ahead of you in every situation, do not be afraid anymore of how your tomorrow will be. Though everyone may have left you, I will stand by you, to celebrate you, encourage you, and fill you with wisdom and joy to face your tomorrow. You will not be put to shame when you put your hope in me. Do not fear disgrace, I will not let you be humiliated. I will make your paths clear and you will forget the shame you once felt, and you remember the pain caused by others no more. You will receive a double portion, and you will rejoice in my inheritance, this is my promise to you.

Reflect On These Words Today:

“Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long.”

(Psalms 25:5)

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