Today’s Devotional

"My dear child, your time here on earth is limited, utilize it wisely and serve me accordingly. Seek my grace and I will help you in your moment of need. I will ensure you win every battle and bless you abundantly..."

Living accordingly

Life on earth is often not a smooth ride but a path full of bumps that you have to navigate as you journey to the other world. The race in life and the competition to amass plenty of wealth can be a financially draining process that can be tiring and discouraging especially if you compare yourself with others. There is no gain without pain hence for you to lead a good life, you are forced to work extra hard to reach a certain level which may not be the case due to the uncertainties of life. 


My child, there are times when you plan to accomplish some goals in life yet that does not always work out in your favor. Like someone who understands that they are not living on earth forever,  you often tend to put timelines on your goals. However, this does not always work out and you often end up discouraged and broken. You could have been speculating to get a well-paying job immediately after graduating from college, purchase a car by your twenty-fifth birthday, buy a house by your thirtieth birthday or even get married by the age of twenty-six. Regardless of all these dreams with timelines, you need to understand that things and life will not always work out as you have envisioned in your mind. I am your creator and I assure you that you need to keep calm and trust in me even when things do not go your way for I have great plans for you. You may make your plans but suddenly calamity comes suddenly without notice and reverses your plans hence you can never be certain of anything in life. Even as you make your plans, put it in mind that I have the final say. By accepting that, you will be free from disappointments that come from expecting life to sail in your direction.

Becoming a Partaker in my Kingdom

When buying a house, it is always a joyous occasion and celebration when one completes their payments and they get to officially become homeowners. After all the sacrifices, one can finally give a sigh of relief and be at peace knowing very well that at the end of every month nobody will be knocking on their doors to demand payments. 

Beloved, you have to keep making payments to warrant you a share in my kingdom. However, the payments are not in monetary form but in the way you lead your life on earth. To check your suitability in being a homeowner in my kingdom, ask yourself these questions; “How do I treat others and especially those beneath me? How is my faith in God? Do I obey the commandments of God? Am I ready to leave everything behind for the sake of the gospel? Do I repent my sins and seek the grace of God after falling?  What is my relationship with God?

Having meditated upon the questions, you will find out whether you are living accordingly so that you can be a homeowner in my kingdom. I assure you that you are my child and nothing can replace my love for you. Live well and become a homeowner in my kingdom.

Reflect on These Words Today:

“In Him we have the redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God’s grace.”

(Ephesians 1:7)

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