Today’s Devotional

"Do Good And share What You Have, Be Generous To The Poor And You Shall Receive Great Favor And Reward..."

Donate Within Your Ability.

To donate is the act of giving and helping the needy in society. It is a form of humanitarian aid that involves continuous efforts to make life better for others especially those that have less than you do. A donation is a selfless act that advocates for the well-being of others. You can donate by making contributions in many different ways such as money, goods, or time. Some people donate because they want to help others and make their society a better place and others make donations because it is a family or religious requirement and tradition.

My child, I feel the frustrations you experience on seeing other people suffering and struggling and the urge you have to help them out of their misery. I hear your call for help to grant and equip you with resources to help the needy and the less fortunate in society. You desire to provide financial assistance to needy people such as the orphans, the homeless, and the neglected elderly people but you are limited as you are not financially well off, enough to help others. Your compassionate self, and desire to donate will transform other people’s lives. I hear your plea to enable you to make a difference in society by granting you the capability to help others.

Beloved one, donate what is within your capability, what is important is that it comes from your heart and that you are cheerful while doing it. Do not be discouraged when you are not able to donate financially as there are many other ways in which you can transform the lives of the needy. Being at ease for your willingness to donate is what is important as help given with the wrong intentions is not acceptable to me.  I love and reward a cheerful, willing, and humble giver however small or little the donation might be. Take heart for the time is coming for you to help others in ways that you want to. Lean on me and I shall fulfill all that you desire to do.

I hear your cry for help

To donate is the act of giving and also receiving. You can also donate to someone who is well financially but they need that extra support of spending time together, could be the sick or encouraging someone through a tough emotional path.

My child, I see your suffering and how weary you are from the challenges in your life. I have heard you cry about the situations that have overshadowed your life and weakened you. Out of the depths of your heart, you have asked me to save you from the challenges of poverty and financial constraints. I have heard your plea for salvation from the oppression you are facing. I am aware of your desire to live a satisfied and fulfilled life, free from suffering and lack. Often you wonder where and what you did wrong in life to deserve such suffering. 

My beloved child, I will raise you from poverty and uplift you from the dust. You are worthy and special in my sight. Poverty does not make you insufficient. Do not feel discouraged because of your condition but trust in me who is mindful of your well-being.  I will grant you favor and mercy which will place you into a comfortable position. Be patient, for I care for you and in my timing, I will fulfill all your desires and bless you abundantly. Be still and trust in my divine providence for I never fail nor disappoint. Turn to my throne of grace in times of need and I will lift you up.

Reflect on These Words Today:

Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed.

(Proverbs 19:17)

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