Today’s Devotional

"Bad Company Will Always Corrupt Good Character..."

Recovery Requires Solitude.

Recovery is a journey of transformation and healing. You may be recovering from addiction, mental health issues, or physically. When recovering, you want to have improved wellness, health, and quality of life. The journey of recovery can take time, but as you do, you will meet new discoveries and positive changes that will encourage you to press forward. The first step to recovery starts with self-direction which helps you self-analyze and make individual commitments to improving your life. During these moments you know what unique needs should be fulfilled to make you achieve your best recovery. With constant support from your loved ones, you are assured you’re never alone. However, achieving a progressive recovery does require the willingness to take responsibility for your actions and self-discipline.

My child, everywhere you go, there is mostly always company. If not people, it is your phone or social interaction you feel you need to engage in. You know the areas in your life you need to work on, but you have allowed distractions to take over. There are many things that I would want you to know, but sometimes, you barely even give enough time to me. In communication, listening is vital, I desire that you incline your ear to hear my answers and also take time to check if you are headed in the right direction.

Beloved, wherever there is something in your life that is not conformed to my image, there is a place where you are incapable of being all that I want you to be, it is a place where your life with others is limited and restricted to perform in its fullness. Accept recovery to take place in all areas of your life, I have given you the grace to take the first step in leaving behind any damaging behavior. When you feel you can’t do it, ask for help. This is the time to start that recovery journey, leaning on me for strength, daily mercy, and endurance.

I Will Help You With Your Recovery.

When you are recovering, you will have a support network that involves experienced and understanding professionals, loving peers, and informed loved ones, who provide you with part of what you need. However, you cannot underestimate the relationship you can have with God at this time. In a time of need, when you are recovering, you will experience cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Recovery needs extra willpower, you need to remember why you started, and you will require God’s help to keep you going.

My child, sometimes, people don’t understand how much you are trying to make things happen. You may slip and fall back to the same trend and people may feel like you are letting them down. I understand the struggle and I know you want a different life for yourself. When you lack the strength to hold up your recovery, find comfort in remembering that you are my dearly loved child, and I will help you go through this.

beloved, take time reading the Word and praying each day, create a routine based on hope, joy, and positivity. As you recover, repent of your sins and ask for forgiveness, let go of the guilt that may be weighing you down. Whenever temptation creeps in, I will help to keep you sober. When you put your focus on me, you will feel my power helping you each step of the way.

Reflect on These Words Today:

“Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.”

(3 John 1:2)

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