Today's Mother Mary Card Is...


Credits: “Mother Mary Oracle” | Author: Alana Fairchild | Artwork: Shiloh Sophia McCloud | Publisher: Blue Angel Publishing

"Our Lady Who Sends the Angels"

Mother Mary’s message for you

I have access to a wealth of assets, and I am able to help you in a variety of different manners.  Pray to me so that I can dispatch one of my angels to assist you. Heavenly forces collaborate with my grand design of devotion to uplift you and illuminate the path that leads from the obscurity of your struggles into the clarity of your comprehension. 


I will send angels to you, to your near and dear ones to shine some light that will assist you in navigating your path through difficult times. Please do not worry now . You are to have the assistance of an army of celestial troops, which I command. With us all by your side, your life will improve significantly!

What you need to know

You have been hoping for a change in your life because you know deep down that things can no longer go on as they are. Mother Mary is with you today to impress upon you that to have the help that you need from the angels,all you need to do is to ask. They cannot intercede unless you do this, you see. 


Mother Mary has a very important lesson for you, especially if you have something that is worrying you or that you have no clue how to deal with. This could even be a circumstance that relates to someone else besides yourself. It’s perfectly possible to ask angels for help on behalf of another person, but you must do so with a good intention and detach yourself emotionally from what the result may be.

Prayer for healing

Imagine yourself surrounded by beautiful golden healing light that you can feel flowing right through you. Enjoy all the sensations you experience as you close your eyes and relax. You can feel your worries and troubles slip away from your shoulders, making your load so much lighter.


When you are ready, pray the following prayer, “Our Lady Who Sends the Angels” I humbly ask you to send your angels to help me with my life and the lives of those close to me. I feel your loving power as I connect with the heavenly realm with love and light in my heart and soul!”

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