Today's Mother Mary Card Is...

1-Our Lady of the Sacred Hearth

Credits: “Mother Mary Oracle” | Author: Alana Fairchild | Artwork: Shiloh Sophia McCloud | Publisher: Blue Angel Publishing

"Our Lady of the Sacred Hearth"

Mother Mary’s message for you

I am your mother and guide. You are my beloved child. You will always be secure in my love because I am your home. You will never feel abandoned or alone again. You always have a refuge with me that you can use to shelter from the storms of life.

You can give up your worries to me as well as your attachments to fear. You are so loved. Can you feel that? Enjoy the security and warmth as I wrap my arms around you. You can do anything you wish to. You can achieve anything you set your mind to. I believe in you! Simply open your heart as you pray to me. I will provide you with the assistance you hope for!

What you need to know

You may be at a peculiar stage in your life right now where you feel that you have outgrown your usual safety nets. You are searching for something even though you may currently be unsure as to what this actually is. Have faith that Mother Mary is with you. She will help you to navigate the unpredictable, chaotic nature of what you face in life so that you can find peace and a new path to walk upon.

A time of inner growth and understanding is upon you. Yes, this can be a little unsettling as well as scary. However, you have been feeling restless for a reason. A new life is emerging which will bring you happiness beyond comparison. Remember that you are always being watched over by the Holy Mother. She is guiding you to safety.

Prayer for healing

It’s true that you need to focus on your own needs in order to heal now. So, visualise yourself surrounded by whatever shade of blue light you feel most drawn to. Within this beautiful light there are twinkling little ‘stars’ of brilliant white. This is the robe of our Heavenly Mother! Enjoy the feeling of her enveloping you in her robe of pure love and light! You feel snuggly and safe in her blanket of love. If you feel emotional right now, go with your feelings. Let them all out no matter what these may be. You are safe.

When you feel ready, breathe in and out slowly seven times then pray to Our Lady. 

“I ask Our Lady of the Sacred Hearth – my Mother Mary – for Divine guidance, intervention and protection. Protect and guide me throughout everything I face in life. Hold me close in your arms as I see the light of a brand new clear day. Teach me how to live my life in your service and to the best of my ability!”

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