Today's Mother Mary Card Is...


Credits: “Mother Mary Oracle” | Author: Alana Fairchild | Artwork: Shiloh Sophia McCloud | Publisher: Blue Angel Publishing

"Our Lady of Sacred Sisterhood"

Mother Mary’s message for you

I am here for you in both flesh and spirit. I give life to all things. I am the love that you feel deep within your heart. You can feel me in the warmth of the sun. I am in all good things. I am strong. I am all things. I am your Mother Mary who loves you without question and who will always adore you, my beloved child. I come to you today to impress upon you that the physical world is just as important as your inner one. 


So, I ask that you enjoy living your life to the best of your ability. Also, look out for someone who is either in your life now or who is coming in for you who will help you to connect with the divine feminine. They will help you to heal yourself from within as well as on a practical level. Throughout this time, I will be with you too as I always have been and will be!

What you need to know

You are soon to be embracing your female side in so many wonderful ways. Whether this is a woman or a male who is very in touch with his feelings, values, compassion and creativity, is not yet clear. However, what is very clear is that this connection will come exactly when you need it to. You don’t need to go out looking for it to happen either because it will not pass you by.

This person could come into your life as a friend, lover, therapist, neighbour – anything! They will help you to see things in a new way to your current view which will provide you with more balance and insight generally. You will feel so connected with the sacred feminine, letting love, hope and beauty into your life!

Prayer for healing

See a lovely person standing before you in your mind’s eye. Feel the beautiful, healing, feminine energy as you look upon this individual. Now, focus on their face. Can you recognise who this is? If not, that’s okay. This figure is representative of the person who is about to connect with you. You will know exactly who they are soon.

When you are ready, say the following, “I honour the glow within you as I honour my own. Through the healing mercy of Our Lady, I ask that she temper our karmic connection, infusing it with her love and grace. May we each be healed through going through this process together.”

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