Today's Mother Mary Card Is...


Credits: “Mother Mary Oracle” | Author: Alana Fairchild | Artwork: Shiloh Sophia McCloud | Publisher: Blue Angel Publishing

"Our Lady of Ripening on the Vine"

Mother Mary’s message for you

There are wonderful moments ahead of you in your future, this is true. However, you should try not to let these take your focus away from the current blessings I am bestowing upon you. My child, it’s now time for you to open your arms and your heart to all the blessings that exist in the present. You are ready to reap such beautiful rewards. Know that you fully deserve these.

It is wonderful to dream. In fact, I encourage you to do this because it nurtures and grows hope in your heart. The light of hope is integral to you as a beloved child of God. There is nothing in this world that grows without it. So, live your light now. Now is the time to step forth as you enjoy all the blessings that exist right now!

What you need to know

Our Lady of Ripening on the Vine wishes you to know that there is a real sense of readiness that lives within you right at this moment. Even if all the circumstances around you are not entirely perfect for you to wish to act on something, know that now is a blessed time to put your plans into action because Mother Mary is by your side.

Our Lady asks that you honour the light that is within you at this moment. Act on it with complete faith that everything will work out as it should. Now is the perfect time to trust. Have faith that you are her chosen one. God and the angels work through you. They have breathed their sacred breath into you so that you succeed in the now!

Prayer for healing

See yourself standing in a beautiful garden with vines and trees that are heavy with beautiful, lush fruit. Although there has been rain, the sun is now shining brightly as you extend your arm to pick a particularly lovely piece of fruit. It falls from the vine with ease as it glows with golden light. You know that everything will come to you when you need it and the time is right. 


When you are ready, say the following or your own version of the words, whatever works best for you, “Mother Mary, thank you for holding me close in your loving embrace. I feel nurtured and taken care of. I am filled with abundant natural energy! I feel such gratitude for everything I have received in the past and for all the wonderful experiences that are yet to come. I deserve this happiness!”

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