Today's Mother Mary Card Is...


Credits: “Mother Mary Oracle” | Author: Alana Fairchild | Artwork: Shiloh Sophia McCloud | Publisher: Blue Angel Publishing

"Our Lady of Blessing Bestowed"

Mother Mary’s message for you

I am offering you the gift of heavenly blessings to raise your vibration. This blessing could come in any form. It could be as a thing, place or person. It may even spring forward from your own heart or imagination. What is very clear to me, my child, is that you will be so happy to accept these wonderful gifts, also you must be prepared for life to change.

Changes can be difficult to go through or sometimes these are well received. All I ask for the moment is that you trust me as everything unfolds as it should. These changes involve moving on from aspects of life that can potentially hold you back. So, there will be inevitable endings which are to be balanced by brand new beginnings! All you need to do is to accept my blessings with courage and trust as I help you to become divinely fulfilled.

What you need to know

A blessing is something to truly look forward to. Just bear in mind that as a blessing is for your highest good, things may unfold in a different way than you expect. You will find happiness as a result but you may need to leave certain parts of your life behind you in order to achieve what Mother Mary has planned for you. 


Now is a time to feel excited and filled with hope! Please be assured that any blessings from Our Lady are only given at a time when we can fully handle it. Therefore, even though you may be wondering if you are fully up to the job of handling these, you will find the strength and purpose in your heart to step up and to do what is being asked of you.

Prayer for healing

As you imagine beautiful radiant Mother Mary breathing her pure golden light into your being, just relax and receive it with love and grace. Take a deep breath in as you become one with Our Lady then exhale all your troubles and worries as you do so. 


When you are fully ready, say the following, “I receive Our Lady’s blessings of grace with an open heart that is ready to be filled to the brim with happiness. I am moving into alignment with the heavens as I walk the path of love, forgiveness and love. I feel the blessings that have been bestowed upon me as I spread my love and acceptance to everyone I meet.”

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