Today's Mother Mary Card Is...


Credits: “Mother Mary Oracle” | Author: Alana Fairchild | Artwork: Shiloh Sophia McCloud | Publisher: Blue Angel Publishing

"Our Lady of Answered Prayers"

Mother Mary’s message for you

My most cherished child, I hear every thought you have. Every single prayer you hold dear to yourself is held so closely to my heart. I feel just how much you long for my unlimited love. Never think that I am not with you or not listening to you. Do you feel that I have forgotten to attend to your deepest needs? Do you think that I am not moved by your courage and your pain?

My loved one, you only have to reach out to me to feel my unending love and support. See me as a stand before you knowing that I have never left you. I will never leave you because we are a part of each other. In fact, can you feel me now? I am with you to answer your prayers through my grace, miracles and deep love. Always have faith in me as I have unwavering faith in you!

What you need to know

Sending your intentions out into the universe through prayer is one of the most powerful things you can do. And, please don’t worry. There are no hard and fast rules and no rights or wrongs where saying the words is concerned. You just need to have pure intentions. Our Lady of the Answered Prayers knows the secrets and the contents of your heart. She understands what you yearn for so there is no need for you to formulate fancy words to get her to hear what you need her to!

Our Lady is by your side providing you with her unending protection. She brings you a deep message of peace. Your prayers are being answered now in the way in which will suit you best. So, put your fears and worries to the side then move on from them. You no longer need these holding you back. You are ready to enjoy a fulfilling and happy future!

Prayer for healing

Join your hands in prayer close to your heart as you close your eyes. Alternatively, you can open your hands with your palms facing upwards and close to your heart. Just do whatever feels right for you. If you would like to, you can speak your own prayer or you can read the following quietly within yourself or aloud. Whatever you wish to do, just relax as you speak naturally from your heart.

As you feel the beauty and warmth of the words you speak you can say the following, “Dearest Mary, Our Lady of Answered Prayers, please help me to find the courage to gratefully accept the answers to my prayers. Work with me to help me to surrender my expectations of what everything should be as opposed to what is. I put my complete trust in you now and always. I give you my thanks for your protection and divine intervention. Be with me throughout everything I do. Through your loving grace, the prayers of the world are answered!”

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