Today’s Devotional

"My child, trust that I shall provide for you for my plans for you are of building you up and blessing you and not pulling you down and breaking you. Accept me by repenting your sins and a new life shall belong to you..."

Be creditworthy

Just like you are required to have proof and qualifications of your creditworthiness while taking up a mortgage, the same way you should be worthy to receive me. My child, be worthy of receiving my grace and accept me into your life through accepting redemption and salvation of Jesus Christ. Repent, confess and pray for the forgiveness of your sins so that you may be cleansed by the blood of Jesus. I accept and love a repentant heart. You are free from sin and washed of the blood of Jesus Christ.

Accept my salvation and experience my power and grace of Jesus. In mortgage, you ought to prove your creditworthiness the same way you should show your worthiness of having me work in you and shower you with my grace and blessings. Live a life free from sin and evil and one that honors and worships me. Living a righteous life that serves me and you shall be acceptable to me.

Pay off your mortgage.

My child, just as you pay off your mortgage to avoid losing your property, pay off your mortgage with me as well. I love you dear one enough to sacrifice my own son Jesus Christ to die for your sins so that you may receive my redemption and salvation. Jesus paid your debt and freed you from sin to make your way right with me.  

Dear one, honor Jesus for the sacrifice he made for you. Pay your mortgage with Jesus by living a righteous life, following his teachings and commandments to avoid losing your life to darkness and evil. He shall give you glory and hope in your life. You shall receive the gift of eternal life through my son Jesus Christ. He shall guide you and protect you against evil, temptations and sin. You shall experience my glory and power in all aspects of your life. Do not be discouraged by the troubles in your life for I shall get you through. To pay for the glory and grace in your life, live according to my will and commandments.

Preach my gospel and bring more people to the kingdom of God.

My child, just as you spread and advertise the deals and offers you make on your mortgage services, spread my gospel and advertise my kingdom. Encourage people to serve and worship me, preach and let my word, commandments and teachings be known to them so that they may live a righteous life that glorifies me. My child, preach of the great rewards I have for those that live a life that honors and worships me. Encourage people to repent and pray for the forgiveness of their sins so that they may receive the salvation and redemption of my son Jesus. Bring them to me so that they may enjoy the gift of eternal life by receiving, accepting and serving me. By doing this, I shall keep blessing and rewarding you my faithful child. I shall fulfill all my promises to you as a reward to your faithfulness. Preach of the greatness of my kingdom and of my miracles for the people that live by faith and trust in me.

I bless not take away

Unlike in the mortgage agreement where in case of failure to pay off your mortgage you risk losing your property, I never take away but bless you. My plans for you are those of prosperity not destruction. If you meet the requirements of living a righteous life that honors me you shall receive great blessings. There are times you feel destroyed and abandoned by me, but I tell you dear one, I will never leave your side. 

In times of darkness, stay strong in faith and do not give up on me. By your faith, I shall deliver you from sin, evil, battles and temptations. Even in the times you give in to temptations and fall out with me, always know that I do not despise you but patiently wait for you to repent and come back to me. I love sinners and I am always here for the repentant one.

Reflect on These Words Today:

“Little children, you are from God and have overcome them, for he who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.”

(1 John 4:4)

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