Today’s Devotional

"My child, I am your eternal banker. Invest your life with me and I shall secure it and enjoy the greatest interest of all, eternal life..."

My child, in your life you have invested your time and life in institutions such as school, marriage, and parenthood. I call you to bank your life with me just like you are careful and cautious on how you spend your money and so you turn to bank in an attempt to avoid splashing or wasting it. When you choose to bank your life with me, I will bring meaning and purpose into it and I shall grant you the greatest interest which is the priceless gift of eternal life.

Invest your life with me

My child, depositing your life with me requires you to submit your soul to me. It is when you invest your life with me that you shall gain knowledge about me and enjoy a life full of joyous abundance. In order for you to receive my gospel, you must invest and bank your life with me. Embrace the gospel and let it lead you to righteousness and therefore receive eternal life. The more you get to know more of me, the Lord, through my gospel, the more your trust in me grows. 

Just like there are qualifications needed for you to open a bank account, faith in me is the utmost necessity. Similar to the way you entrust banks with your money, have faith that your life will be safe and secure in my hands. To trust in me for eternal life it requires you to invest and deposit every aspect of your life with me.  I am your eternal bank and I will protect and secure your life.

I am your eternal banker and provider

Dear one, I shall bless and reward you with wealth and possessions for I am the provider of everything that exists. I shall not only bless you with earthly wealth but with divine spiritual life as well. I will give you eternal life, life in abundance and one that is full of joy and happiness. Live righteously and all that you desire shall be provided to you. Unlike in a bank where they have the possibility of running out of finance for one reason or the other, I the Lord is the bank that never runs out. I have gathered and stored your heavenly treasures. In me you shall never lack my child.

Have faith and trust in me as you banker

Just like you put your trust and faith in the earthly bank accounts, have faith and trust that your life is safe in my hands as well. In order to attain the kingdom of God you too my child must meet my requirements. I require your faith, confession and repentance. I will protect you from challenges and battles that are meant to destroy you. I will protect you against evil and redeem you from your sins. Unlike the financial interest that your invested money earns from the bank, I am your eternal banker and I shall offer you eternal life.  Live righteously and trust in me and I shall fulfill your heart desires.

Enjoy risk free bank account with me as your banker

Unlike the earthly bank accounts that are at the risk of crashing based on how well or poorly the nation economy is performing, heaven’s banking is risk-free. No one and nothing has the power to destroy my bank account. I have given you eternal life and it shall never perish.

Reflect on These Words Today:

But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys, and where thieves do not break in or steal;

(Matthew 6:20)

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