Today’s Devotional

"Believe in me and I will heal you and treat you from that which burdens you. I shall grant you wealth in both spiritual and physical health. Treat each other with love and kindness. You are all brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus..."

The earthly physicians and doctors treat but I heal.

Healing and treatment is only made possible through my grace and power. Believe me child when I tell you that the doctors treat but you get healed by my power. Dear one, whenever you are attacked by an illness you visit the earthly doctors for treatment and you move in faith believing that you will get better. You get peace knowing that your health will improve in the hands of the earthly physicians.

I am a great God and I make the impossible possible. I have chosen and blessed the earthly doctors with the abilities to treat diseases. Anytime you get attacked by any kind of illness or disease seek me first. Have faith as you do in the earthly doctors and speak healing upon your life through my power. I will deliver you from diseases and bless you with rich health. I will offer you treatment and healing even from the diseases the earthly doctors are unable to cure and treat.

Accept Jesus Christ as your spiritual physician in whom you shall enjoy the treatment of eternal life.

Jesus Christ is your great spiritual physician and healer. I have delivered you from evil and sin through my son Jesus Christ. He gave up his life to save yours from the bondage of sin and evil. He renewed our covenant, the covenant between man and God. 

You, my child, are free from the debt of sin. Through Jesus Christ, I have granted you spiritual healing and treatment. Come to me with a repentant heart and you shall witness all my glory. You shall be born again in Christ. Your rebirth in Christ will grant you great satisfaction, spiritual healing, treatment, and a fulfilled life. You will experience a life full of joy and happiness. You shall receive greatness in spiritual health through Christ Jesus.  You shall grow and mature spiritually in me in which you shall be gifted with eternal life. Live a life that is sin-free, in accordance with my commands, and one that honors and glorifies me; in the end, you shall be graced with the treatment of eternal life. Accept Jesus into your life and accept Him as your savior and redeemer.

Give others the treatment I give you. (Treat others as I treat you)

My child, I have a place and a home for you in heaven. A place in my Kingdom in which your spirit shall rest. I am a great host, for in my home there is no suffering. Happiness and greatness is all that exists in my kingdom. My home is full of singing, praises and rejoicing and as your host, I ensure that in my kingdom you shall never lack. Confess and accept that I am your Lord and all the riches, wealth and greatness in my home shall belong to you.

Reflect On These Words Today

Honor everyone. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honor the emperor.

(1 Peter 2:17)

A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you are also to love one another

(John 13:34)

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