Today’s Devotional

"I am the Lord of hosts. I will host you in my kingdom so long as you accept and host me in your hearts..."

I am the “Lord of hosts”.

As the Lord of hosts, I will command my heaven army to fight those spiritual and physical storms that you are facing. I will give you victory over all that is meant to cause destruction in your life and I shall make you overcome it all and guide you out of the darkness. I will bring you into the light where no evil shall have power over you. My heaven army will strengthen you and give you power over all evil. 

Dear child, as the Lord of hosts, I assure you that no mortal enemy or sword raised against you shall strike and cause you harm. The devil has no control and power over your life for my army will be by your side. You are blessed and the Holy Spirit resides in you as your helper and guide and therefore no immortal enemy shall have power over you. I am always here my child, armed, equipped and ready to fight for you regardless of the issues you are facing for no storm is greater than your God.

Host me and accept me in your hearts, bodies and souls.

My child, your soul is a sacred ground for hosting my spirit. I reside in your heart, body and soul. Give your soul to me just as you host your earthly guests with open arms and with a warm welcome. Prepare your soul to host me by repenting and confessing all your sins. Set your souls free from sin by seeking and praying for my forgiveness. I am always here with open arms to grant you redemption and salvation for I am your father who is the light hence you are the child of the light. Use your body to honor and serve me for it is in your body that the Holy Spirit is hosted.

Host Jesus into your hearts and you shall be rewarded with the gift of eternal life

Dear one, accept Jesus Christ and host him into your lives. You have to live a life that is free from sin and learn to dwell in my presence. Follow my commands and live in accordance with my word. That way you will be preparing a room in you to host Jesus Christ. 

Accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your savior and redeemer and that way your soul shall be a holy place to host me. Jesus Christ will gift you the greatest life of all, eternal life. Live to honor Christ who died for you so that he may set you free from the debt of sin. The spirit of Jesus will guide you in times of darkness and lead you into the light. Be a great host of Jesus Christ and you shall be rewarded greatly.

I have a home in Heaven in which I shall host your spirit.

My child, I have a place and a home for you in heaven. A place in my Kingdom in which your spirit shall rest. I am a great host, for in my home there is no suffering. Happiness and greatness is all that exists in my kingdom. My home is full of singing, praises and rejoicing and as your host, I ensure that in my kingdom you shall never lack. Confess and accept that I am your Lord and all the riches, wealth and greatness in my home shall belong to you.

Reflect On These Words Today

“The LORD says to my Lord: “Sit at my right hand, until I make your enemies your footstool.”

(Psalms 110:1)

And David became greater and greater, for the Lord, the God of hosts, was with him.

(2 Samuel 5:10)

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