Today’s Devotional

"Place your bet on me and you shall not be disappointed. In me, it is not risk taking unlike in online gambling sites rather there is a guarantee of victory..."

I am your risk free and safe gambling site

My child, I guarantee you victory in me when you choose to place your trust in me and I guarantee you a life full of joy and blessings. In online gambling sites, you place your bets by investing money in games in hopes of winning. Winning in online betting is not guaranteed, meaning there is a risk of losing everything. Therefore while placing your bets in online gambling sites you are required to take time and think. 

Precious one, when you decide to give your life to me it does not involve any risks instead you are guaranteed of living a life full of victories. You are safe in my hands. As the Lord of victory, I will guide you to your battles and make you a victor and conqueror which is a greater and lasting win compared to online gambling sites winnings.

Invest prayers in me as you invest finances in online gambling sites

Dear one, you invest money on the online gambling sites in hopes of winning which means if you lose you lose the invested money as well. However, if you invest prayers in me I shall grant you victory and much greater winnings that online gambling sites cannot offer. 

Prayers give you hope and the feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction. Prayer is how you talk to me and cast your troubles unto me and I shall fulfill your heart desires. You will not lose anything while investing prayers with me. Learn to pray for your troubles and I shall grant you victory over those troubles and over all evil.

Have trust and faith in me like you do in those online gambling sites

Just as you put your faith and trust in those gambling sites, have faith and trust in me as well. Have greater faith in me for I shall not fail you. I offer you a guarantee of success. Failure shall not be your portion. Have faith in me and I shall raise you above all your worries and problems. You shall overcome all your storms. I shall offer you the strength and courage you require to overcome and fight all your storms and battles.

Be patient and I will be your provider

Dear one, what are those problems that are pushing you to invest your money in online gambling sites in order to win more money? Wait on my promises for I am a faithful God. I am aware of the desires of your heart. You invest the money you have to win a greater amount of money so that you may give yourself a good life. Where is your patience in me? Where is your faith in my promises? That’s why when you bet with those online gambling sites you tend to lose because it’s not your time yet. Be patient and I shall provide for you. Trust in me and my promises and I shall fulfill all that your heart desires. I will grant you your wishes. Worry not for I shall provide for you. I never fail for I will do what I say I shall do.

I will offer you eternal and everlasting victory unlike the online gambling sites

My child, you shall not have temporary victory in me rather than eternal victory. You will always be a winner and victor when you choose to invest your life in me. Not only will you have earthly victories but eternal victory as well. I will bless you with the gift of eternal life, a gift online gambling sites are incapable of offering you. You shall have everlasting and eternal victory with me.

Reflect On These Words Today

But those who desire to be rich fall into temptation, into a snare, into many senseless and harmful desires that plunge people into ruin and destruction.

(1 Timothy 6:9)

A faithful man will abound with blessings, but whoever hastens to be rich will not go unpunished.

(Proverbs 28:20)

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