Today’s Devotional

"My child, I know and see it all. I am the only true solicitor and judge. I will come to your defense..."

I am your true solicitor and judge

Dear one, there are times that people will condemn what you do or you will be accused of things that you have not done. It is in those times that you should call unto me and I will rise and take charge as your solicitor. I will plead your case and prove your innocence. I will fight those cases for you and bring favor to you. 

Call unto me for I see and hear all. I will come to your rescue and bring you justice. I will testify for you and bring destruction to those who bring shame to your name by falsely accusing you. I will not fail you for I am faithful to my promises. Before you turn to the earthly solicitors, turn to me first. I will rescue you in ways the earthly solicitors can’t for I am a powerful God. I will give you the justice you deserve for I am the final judge. I will be your solicitor and judge.

Jesus is your true advocate and solicitor

In my judicial court, you have Jesus as your advocate and solicitor. My child, I have assigned you an advocate. You have an advocate in Jesus Christ. Jesus pleads for your cases in heaven. He sacrificed His own life so that you may be redeemed and saved. He pleads your cases before the heavenly courts. My son created an opportunity for you to redeem yourself from evil and sin. My child, you are free because Jesus has won your cases for you. He has and will do what earthly solicitors have no power, capabilities and abilities to do.

I will comfort you

Dear one, seek comfort in me. I shall console you and give you strength in those times you feel that the trials and storms of the world are overpowering you. My child, in those times you have been falsely accused of things you have not done, seek me and I shall give you comfort, strength and guidance. I will always watch over you.

Be each other's advocates and solicitors.

My child, be great solicitors and advocates towards each other. Always be there and testify for each other. Be great solicitors and advocates like I have been to you. Just like Jesus is your advocate and reconciles you with me, reconcile others with me. Testify of what I have done for you and how you have received redemption and salvation in me. That way, those that have lost their way may find hope in me. Advocate for others through praying for their sins so that they may be set free from their sins and get right with me.

Accept and have faith and trust in me as your solicitor

Dear one, you need to recognize and accept me as your solicitor. Just like you have faith and trust in the earthly solicitors that they shall give you victory over your cases and enemies. Have faith in me for I will give you greater victory. Always call unto me first and have belief and faith that I shall always come to your rescue. I will grant you favor and victory over your storms and enemies when you learn to have faith in me. Trust in me and cast your worries onto me. I the Lord shall defend you and testify for you. I shall give you strength and courage against your enemies. I shall restore your peace.

Reflect On These Words Today

My little children, I am writing these things to you so that you may not sin. And if anyone sins, we have an Advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous;

(1 John 2:1)

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