Today’s Devotional

"Dear child, I will restore the purity of your spirit, the sacredness of your damaged soul and spirit. Your soul and spirit may be damaged by sin but I shall heal you and free you from the bondage of sin..."

Dear child, just like the purity of water is restored in water damage restoration, trust me for the restoration of the purity of your soul. It does not matter how damaged you have been, but once you make the decision to seek restoration, I shall not judge you.

Seek my protection from damage.

Exposure of water to dirt is what often leads to its impure nature. Dirty impure water is toxic and might lead to diseases and in some cases death. My child, it is similar to when you are submitted to temptations and give in, that is when you commit sin. Similar to dirty water, a sinful soul is toxic as it  is dark and lacks my light and guidance which often leads to death as well. 

Dear one, I urge you to strive to seek my guidance which will enable you to escape sin and avoid giving into temptations. I will lead you away from the darkness and protect you from evil hence you will be living a righteous life through me. By my grace you will conquer evil, temptation and sin. 

My child, the desire of the flesh is what often leads you to sin. Restrain from the desires of the flesh and always walk by the spirit. Do not allow the ways of the world to corrupt your relationship with me through sin. Fulfillment of the desires of the flesh bears sin so just as you avoid damaged impure water unless undertaken through the water damage restoration process, avoid the desires of the flesh as well.

Accept me as your water damage restoration mechanical engineer

Have faith in me like you do in the water damage restoration mechanical engineer. The way you place faith in the water mechanical engineer that they shall purify the water enough for consumption the same way you should have faith in me that I shall restore and purify your soul from evil and sin. Have only the fear of the Lord for nothing is greater than me. Walk in my light and I shall arm you with my sword that you shall use to fight against evil and sin.  Walk in the fear of the Lord, and I shall equip you with my spiritual armor that will give you strength and protection. My child, you are safe and secure in my arms.

Use my prayers to purify your soul.

Use my word and scripture to fight against temptations. Do you remember the temptations of Jesus Christ by Satan in the Bible? Jesus fought against each and every temptation by the word of God. Just like chemicals are used to fight and neutralize the impurities in the water damage restoration process, use my word and prayers to fight against sin and evil.

Pray in repentance and forgiveness of your sins. I the Lord loves and accepts a repentant heart. I will restore your soul and spirit from the taints of sin. Pray that I may grant you power to fight against evil and sin. Pray for the purification of your soul and spirit from evil. Even when you fall into temptation and give into sin, turn to me through prayers. Always pray to me my child, for it is through prayer you communicate with me and call unto me. Prayer will provide a way out of temptation and shall give you the wisdom to resist the temptations of the enemy.

Reflect on These Words Today

For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord

(Romans 6:23)

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