Today’s Devotional

"I will repair that which is causing troubles for you. I will bring your peace of mind and relaxation..."

Just like the air conditioning repair engineer fixes the air conditioner to reduce the excess heat temperature in a certain space, the same way I shall fix everything that is too difficult  for you and bring back your calmness and peace of mind.

Invest prayers in me to maintain your life and fix your troubles just as you invest finances in air conditioning repair.

My child, just like you invest finances in air conditioning repair to maintain the cool and relaxing atmosphere from the equipment, invest prayers in me and you shall enjoy my rewards. Surrender all your problems to me and I will cool off the heated situation you are facing and bring peace just like the air conditioner brings a cool relaxing breeze in high temperatures. 

Let your desires and requests be known to me through prayer. Prayer is like the air conditioner that helps you remain cool when attacked by the unbearable heat of evil. Prayers will guide you and give you strength to fight against all that is meant to destroy you. Dear one, rest assured knowing that I am listening to your prayers and I hear and understand your concerns and struggles. Incorporate prayers in your daily life and you shall enjoy a maintained happy life in me and enjoy a great feeling of peace just like that of an air conditioner in a high temperature or heated room.

Accept, have faith and trust in me as your technical engineer.

My child, just as you have faith in the air conditioning repair engineer to fix the air conditioner to enhance a good sustainable atmosphere, have faith in me as well for I will grant you better repair and fixing that no technical engineer has the power and ability to fix .Do not lose hope nor be dismayed for I have the ability to fix anything and everything that troubles you.

Like an air conditioner, I will calm you down in the difficult times and you won’t struggle with the high uncontrollable room temperatures of the world. I will fix all that is broken in your life and bring back what you have lost and shed light into your life. Be at peace for you are forgiven my child. You are the child of the light and darkness is not your portion. My ways and plans might feel hopeless and damaging at times but those are to strengthen your faith in me.

Use my word as the manual guide to help in repairing and maintaining your life in times of difficulties

My child, just like you need the knowledge and skills of a professionally trained air conditioning repair engineer to fix the air conditioner, the same way you will require the Bible to guide you on how to live a righteous life. Whenever you feel unworthy and undeserving of my love, my word is there to assure you of my love and mercy. I love all my children and am here for the ones who need fixing, healing and recovery.

Precious one, just as the air conditioning repair engineer is equipped with the skills on how to tackle the broken air conditioning equipment the same way you shall require the knowledge and wisdom of my scriptures. They will equip you with skills to live a happy life in me and the promises will give you faith and hope in times you need repair. I shall fulfill all my promises to you for I am a faithful God.

Reflect on These Words Today

“In all ways acknowledge Him, And He will make your paths straight.”

(Proverbs 3:6)

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