Today’s Devotional

"My child, In my hall of Justice, I will offer you divine justice through my son Jesus Christ who is your heavenly attorney. He will represent and fight for you, deliver you from your transgressions, set you free and offer you salvation. I too shall not only be your divine judge but your divine defense attorney as well..."

Just like you need an attorney to represent you in a court of law, the same way you need me. I will be your divine attorney and represent you in the kingdom of the Lord. Accept me as your divine attorney and I shall defend you from all that has been spoken and done against you. I will testify for you for I am a God who sees and knows it all

Be patient in me and I shall come to your defense

My child, in circumstances where your words or intentions have been misunderstood or when you have been accused of or condemned for something you have not done, remember that you have a defense attorney in me. I will come to your defense if you ask me and there I will defend and testify for you. I understand you dear one and understand the reason behind the calamity you are facing as well. Have faith and patience in me for my timing is never wrong. Confess and accept me as your divine defense attorney.

I am your divine defense attorney and judge

My child, there is a price for sin. Do not misunderstand my undying love for you to me overlooking your sins and transgressions. To be set free from your transgressions a price must be paid for the wages of sin is death. For the forgiveness of sins and to be set free from the penalty of death there must be a sacrifice. I sacrificed my own son Jesus Christ to carry the burden of your sins and die for them so that you may be set free. I have defended you from evil and won that battle for you. 

All I require from you my child is to pray, confess and repent of all your sins and you shall receive divine salvation. I will be your divine judge and offer you divine justice that if you repent and accept me as your God then divine salvation and the Kingdom of God belongs to you. As your defense divine attorney, I will defend you from evil and sins for I have delivered you from the eternal death sentence.

Accept me as your intercessor in your defense

My child there will be times when the challenges of the world will overpower you and wear down your prayer defensive mechanism. Times when you find it difficult to pray and call unto me for help. That is when you turn to me as your divine defense attorney. I will defend you, my child, and give you the fighting spirit that shall enable and give you strength to defend yourself through prayers. My spirit will help and guide you in times of weakness and I will intercede for you and deliver you from that which is holding you back from prayers. I will defend you from situations your earthly attorneys may not defend you from for I am your eternal divine defense attorney.

Build and have utter unmoved faith in me

My child, all it takes for you to be delivered from all the challenges you face is faith. Have faith and believe that I shall come to you and defend you from all that takes away your peace. Before approaching your earthly attorney for defense, approach and seek me first for no challenge is too great for me. Learn to trust and have faith in all that I do.

Reflect on These Words Today

“Even now, behold, my witness is in heaven, and He who testifies for me is on High.”

(Job 16:19)

“The Spirit helps us in our weakness; for we do not know how to pray as we should, but the Spirit intercedes for us with wordless groans.”

(Romans 8:16)

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