Today’s Devotional

"My son, I am the light. I will bring light into your life in times of darkness. If you walk with me I assure victory over darkness as you shall possess the light of life..."

Electricity has become of importance to humans as it provides light at night and shields them from the darkness. Electricity is used to light homes, businesses, and also in operating machines in factories. Survival without electricity would be difficult for humans as it fuels most of the day-to-day activities.

Just like you require electricity, seek me as well for I will be your eternal electricity to provide you with eternal divine light. In my light, your life shall operate smoothly and I will offer you guidance and strength in darkness.

Seek me and I shall get you out of the dark times

When you are faced with challenges in life, never forget that I am always with you. I never leave your side in times of trouble. My child,  in such times of darkness, pray to me, call for me and I shall bring light into your life. When you feel that the weight of your problems is too much of a burden, reach out to me and I will give you the strength to overcome all that troubles you. Do not lose your faith and hopes in me in such times for I, the Lord, is the light and you are the child of light and darkness is not your portion. Remember I am the creator and it is I that created both the light and darkness and so I have the power and capabilities to end the darkness and bring light into your life. I am not afraid of the darkness for darkness is not greater than your Lord.  Just like you need electricity at night and the light of day to run your normal activities, seek me and need me as well for I am your eternal electricity to light up all aspects of your life.

My promises shine through the darkness

My child, I am a faithful God and I live up to my word and promises. Whenever you feel that things in your life are not going according to your plans, remember me for what you thought was your end would be only the beginning of greatness. In times of darkness, people may walk away from you but am faithful to you. I will never leave your side but I will walk with you. I promise to bring you light over darkness and victory over defeat in your life.

I am your eternal light

Just like you need electricity to light up the darkness in the night, it is the same way you will require my divine light to fight against spiritual darkness. My child, there is a darkness that you cannot battle on your own. In times of spiritual darkness and challenges, call unto me for those are battles you have no power over without me. I will fight those battles for you.  I will free and save you from all evil and set you free from all your sins for I am the light and salvation. Have faith in me and I shall free you from the bondage of sin and evil. Darkness has no power over you with me by your side. I am all the electricity you need in life to light each and every aspect of your life.

Spread light into other’s lives

Be the electricity people need and light up their lives. Shine your light bright into people’s lives. Spread your light through your own testimony.  Tell people of the good things I have done for you and share your experiences with them so as to help them find their own light in me. Encourage them, be their guide. Be their electricians and bring them to my divine light.

Reflect on These Words Today

…now you are the light in the Lord. Walk as children of the light.”

(Ephesians 5:8)

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