Today’s Devotional

"Dear child, my providence to you will never lessen for on all occasions I will be your insurer..."

Accredit Me As Your Personal Life Insurer

It is unsurprising that nowadays people are compensated even after their death. This has been made possible through undertaking a life insurance cover where your successors gain money from the insurance company you had an agreement with. Most people have opted to take a life insurance cover so that after their demise, their families will not be left to suffer but have something to inherit. The importance of life insurance can at no time be underrated.

My child, challenges in life are unending and sometimes you feel like you do not want to move on. You try to get solutions towards them and you get to the end with none of them working out. In such moments, you can bet your life on me. Place your life in my hands and let me take control. As an insurer does, I stand up for you in tough times when alive and when you are gone, your loved ones will not struggle for I will bless their lives and provide for them with all they will need.

With life insurance, one is assured that once they die, their heirs will have some money to aid themselves in whatever they opt to. Living a life without me in it is similar to lacking a life insurance cover. Beloved, I own your life and I have good plans for you. Let me take control as your life insurer, who will always be present when things seem to take a turn for the worse.  When you are feeling scared because you are worried that your loved ones will suffer when you are gone, you may opt to take up a life insurance cover. I urge you to allow me to be your life insurer for I will watch over your life and if you follow me, you will be rewarded in abundance. My love will lead you to me.

Commit Your Life To Me: Not In A Life Insurance

It takes a lot for one to trust and believe that the insurance company you had an agreement with will insure you in your absence. You are not there to see proof that your successors receive the money. It may happen that the insurer does not heed the insurance terms. Since you are not there, the impact will be felt more to the beneficiaries indicated in the insurance policy to receive the death benefit. As a result, this would leave them pessimistic in support of life insurances.

My child, the solution is not trusting anyone else with the future of your loved ones. You may in years save up to a lump sum amount thinking that your loved ones will not suffer when you die, and what you are trying to avoid happens. As to how you trust the life insurer, build that trust in me for at no time will I leave you to undergo any suffering in life.

Not to differ with life insurance, but humans are open to error and your efforts to leave your beneficiaries in no struggle after your demise may bore little or no fruits. My child, when taking up a life insurance cover, make an effort to involve me because what is planned in my presence does not fail. Have faith in me to grant you a great life and make me a provider to you all. When you live, you live for me and when you die, you for me. Believe that despite your loved one leaving, commit your life to me for I am here to stay and whatever you may need will be granted to you at the time of need.

Reflect on These Words Today

“Owe no one anything, but to love one another: for he that love another has fulfilled the law.”

(Romans 13: 8-10)

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