Today’s Devotional

"Beloved One, the Future Is Uncertain, But I Am..."

I Will Stand In For Your Degree

A parent or guardian’s wish is to see their children through education. To fulfill that wish, they urge them to work hard to enroll in a university or college where after three to six years of studying, one is awarded an academic degree. This guarantees the parents of the children having a great future by getting well paid jobs as well as job security. 

Dear child, challenges are evident in all fields of life. People are liable to quit as a result of no alternatives to apprehend their obstacles. To be successful in life, one requires a lot of patience and hard work among others. Just as one strives hard for a degree, in the same manner you should incorporate me in your life for a promising future. 

A life that you do not live through hopes in me or without accepting your work as a service to me is like having sleepless nights over a school project and on the day of submission, you find out that you have been doing it wrong. Such are the occasions you feel discouraged and you feel the urge to rely on me for knowledge. Have me as an achievement as that of a degree because my plans for you are bigger, bolder and better than anything you could ever imagine. Before assuming your degree for a better future, I will let you know my ways and get familiar with what it is like to have me by your side always. I have huge hopes and thoughts for you and your future that I will never change in spite of you not obeying my commands.

Let Me Grant You a Great Future

When one takes up a degree in school, he or she is positive of having a job where they can make an impact and have better wages. This is hope you live with and carry it along whatever stage you are in life. The efforts you put in work when you are employed start to cause trouble when you depart from me. As you get busy at work, you must always remember it is for me that you work. But if you draw me closer, you are assured that what you do and are content about, will definitely last.

My dear child, the future holds a lot and in the midst of it, there are obstacles. Afterall, being awarded a degree doesn’t guarantee employment right away. Challenges may arise which when you put your trust in me, I will lead you through them. I promise to prosper each and every one of you. I will give you a future that is beyond what you can hope for or even imagine. Through me, the unexpected will happen and you will celebrate your achievements. With no hesitation, cling onto the hope you consent to me because I can be trusted to keep my promises. The love that I have for you is of a greater degree that no man can fathom.

Positioning you in life and granting you a better tomorrow happens at my timing. You’ve got to relax for your life is in the palm of my hands. Pray that I may walk with you in every step you make in life whether in your career, business or anything you put your mind to. Despite your current situations, I will make your weaknesses as your strengths. Having a degree doesn’t necessarily guarantee you a bright future, but I do. I know you have plans of your hearts, but it’s my purpose for your life that will prevail.

Reflect on These Words Today

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

(Jeremiah 29:11)

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