Today’s Devotional

My Child, Allow Me Close To Listen to You for I Am Everywhere..."

Let Me Be Your Individual Conference Call

In the modern-day, technology has made it possible for a number of people to simultaneously talk to a caller in a single phone call. Most businesses especially have adopted the use of conference calls for efficient communication.  

Whether you are alone, in a group, or in different locations, when you gather for prayers each one of you has a different heart desire you wish that it gets fulfilled for you. My child, just as you depend on conference calls for communication, learn to depend on me for I can listen and speak to you all at the same time. I know you question my ability to do so but remember I am omnipresent in every part of the world in existence and to those places that are deserted or you do not have any clue about. There is absolutely no place to which my power does not extend. 

Losing your faith and trust in me encourages sins. This is because people assume that I cannot be their conference call, to talk and give them an ear together. You have the assumption that for instance, as I listen or speak to a person in another country, I can’t see you do wrong in places you presume are your secrets. Prayers are answered one at a time, at the right time, and in accordance with my will. Call in me faith and truth, obey my commands and I will answer to you who seeks my intercession. Let me be a conference call always available to you all who believe in me at all times. My eyes are in every place, keeping watch on the evil and the good.

Commit To Me in Prayer: As A Conference Call

Communication is expensive, and cheaper modes like that of conference calls may fail which leaves people with no option but to choose another method. This is similar to people who lack patience in me and choose other ways to solve their problems thinking that I did not listen or answer to them. This draws you away from my goodness, yet for those who remain calm and wait for me to speak, I am always by their side and they are my people. I give them an assurance that they shall have their strength renewed, walk and not grow faint and shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary.  

My dear child, most of you doubt my ability to listen and speak to you at the same time. You think that when am in silence, I didn’t hear you out. When you choose another way to solve your problem and it fails, you get back into another conference call with me. I know your thoughts and prayers even before you utter them to me. Do not be in doubt of my goodness and my power. I am good to those who hope in me, try your best not to lose it.  

Oh, beloved one, I notice the challenges that come your way and by all means, I will get you through them. As cheap as it is when you use a conference call in your business, it costs you nothing to reach out to me. I easily hear everyone’s prayers at the same time even if they differ in language. In the most unexpected way, I will come to you and your prayers will be answered. The world may be cold to you and you have no one to turn to, remember that I am just a prayer away. Everything is changeable with me in it. I can be as a conference call, where you easily are my listener and all I say will change your life in a good way and blessings shall come your way.

Reflect on These Words Today

“When you pray, go into your inner room, close your door and pray to your Father who is in secret, and your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you.”

 (Matthew 6:6)

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