Today’s Devotional

"My Child, As You Strive To Own Assets, I Can Own You..."

Approve Me of Owning Your Life

Any ambitious persons’ wish is to possess a personal asset such as a home or a piece of land. To do so, one would contemplate on taking a mortgage which would be helpful. Being the owner of a property as you use the loan to fulfill your needs and paying it back with a lower interest than a personal loan is the main reason people embrace mortgages. In spite of its disadvantages, its advantages cannot be ignored.

My child, just as people live in mortgages despite being in debt, I would also like to own up your life in spite of the sins you make. Sometimes you make mistakes either consciously or unconsciously and I choose to forgive you when you repent. If you let me in, your life will be mine just as the property is yours even when you are in deficit and yet to completely own it. I will have authority over the lives of those who ask me to do so. I know what you need and will present it to you.

Existence of a life without me taking charge of it, is like failing to pay off a mortgage, and you are deprived of its ownership. Losing your mortgaged property to another entity or individual is similar to losing me in your life. I own your bodies, lives and your minds. Those who do not want me in their lives are corrupt and they never do any good. Those that oblige me as their mortgage, are implicit that I will fill their lives with adequacy and pardon them when wrong. My son died for the sake of you who sin and that is to show the love I have for you. Since I own you, my mercies will always be upon you.  Fear not, I have not only redeemed you but also summoned you by name and therefore you are mine.

Confide In Me: Not In A Mortgage

Once a person takes a mortgage, they are assured of ownership of the property. However, sometimes it occurs that from the reasons well known to the borrower, he or she would fail to honor the mortgage terms and this would leave them homeless if they have no backup plan. This would leave the borrower devastated and they are likely to develop a negative attitude towards mortgages.

Beloved one, owning a home, or striving to have one is not all. Sometimes the plans you make tend to fail hence this is why I urge you to make me part of all your day-to-day ideas. You cannot do without me and you should not hold on until you run out of options and that’s when you remember me. Aside from the successes, you think you have made or are about to, confide your faith in me and approve of things being done my way.

Failure or lack to have enough is neither an indicator nor a reason that I cannot provide for you. You may feel empty and bothered about what to do. However, worry not for I am your provider and I will neither let you lack nor allow darkness to meet you outside in the cold at night. You may feel as if I am allowing you to suffer but it is through sufferings that I am immediate to you.

Reflect on These Words Today

Who am I, and what is my people, that we should be able to offer so willingly? For all things come from me, and of your own have we given you.

(1 Chronicles 29:14)

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