Today’s Devotional

"Find peace and comfort in my promises to you..."

Embrace my comfort.

Dear one, I hear your cry of agony. I see that you are horrified and distressed. Fear has taken over your entire being due to uncertainties. You seek my strength and comfort. Hopelessness is your current state. You are discouraged by the events of your life. The storms have drained you of all your power and strength.  You do not remember what peace felt like.  You desire to breathe freely again without anything weighing heavily on you.

Find comfort in me in the storms. I will guide you and be your refuge whenever you are faced with adversities. Bring your struggles to me and I will open doors for you out of misery. Find courage in me in your weariness. Let go of the situation that you cannot change and let me take over. Acknowledge me as your present helper for I will handle every problem that burdens you. Find the courage in me to keep you going amidst your suffering and challenges. Find comfort in my word and promises

Child, rest easy in me. There is no weakness in accepting you need help. You are strong but I will make you more, stronger, courageous, and hopeful. Suffering brings you closer to me and therefore do not feel discouraged rather adopt a positive outlook.  Be positive and have a sober mindset. Speak life and hope in your situations.

Beloved one, I will protect and defend you against that which is meant to cause you harm. You shall find peace again by the victory I shall present you. Walk in my light with steadfast faith in me and everything in your life will be right.

Be a pillar of comfort to others.

Life is challenging but is made easier when you know that there will always be someone to support and comfort you. Child, things may be going right for you at the moment but you have an idea of what and how troubles and challenges affect a person. In times of difficulties, you desire to have someone by your side that will make your burden easier and that is how you cry unto me when you feel defeated. Do you not know how weary and tired one gets when faced with difficulties? Are you not aware of the satisfaction, ease, and joy you feel when you receive my comfort whenever I come to you in your times of adversities? 

Like me, be a pillar of strength and comfort to others. Share in their pain and suffering and assure them that they will conquer by faith and prayer. Comfort others like I comfort you. Remind them of my constant love and the power of my grace through miracles. Encourage them by assuring them that everything is under my control and serves my purpose. Create a sense of hope by encouraging them with situations that you have gone through and conquered by my power and strength. Assure them that misery is temporary and that the suffering shall come to pass. Let them know that they are not alone in their suffering for I am always with them. Remind them of my constant power and grace to all those who wait patiently in faith on me in faith. 

Beloved one, help others in their struggles by praying for their situations. I will give you the strength so that you may have the confidence and courage to uplift others. I will guide you and strengthen your faith in me so you may guide others to me as well. Dear one, you are chosen.

Reflect On These Words Today:

“The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to be silent.”

(Exodus 14:14)

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