Today’s Devotional

"Refrain from jealousy and envy..."

People all around the world have established great success that is admirable. You want and desire to have what those successful people have that you do not. You pray that I may also make you achieve that level of success. You feel bad that I delay your success and this may make you grow jealous of others. Child, it is normal to desire things that you do not have but abnormal and unGodly when you cultivate the feelings of jealousy and envy for others because they have that which you don’t have and desire. Jealousy roots from comparing your life journey with that of others and dissatisfaction. It is an indication that you completely have no faith and confidence in my purpose, plans, and promises to you. Jealousy and envy are deceitful virtues of the enemy that are inspired by feelings of insecurities, fear, and dissatisfaction. 

My child, have confidence in who you are and focus on what you have and not on others. For instance, you are insecure about that trainee that has shown up in your workplace, you fear that he might take your job as his skills are impressive to your boss. The insecurity and fear you feel grow into jealousy and if not contained it may blow up and bear more bad virtues in you such as anger and bitterness. You desire to have a great house, a great car, an established happy marriage, and a successful career that a person you know has. For as long you are envious, you will never know true happiness.

Dear one, refrain from the feelings of jealousy and envy. Have faith in my plans for you despite not having that which you desire. My plans for you are those of prosperity therefore have patience on my promises to you. Avoid comparing your life with that of others as it expresses disregard to my purpose for you and lack of confidence in me. In those times you feel unsatisfied, remember those things in your life that makes you feel grateful. Let me remind you that each and every one of you has different life journeys but all serve one purpose, my purpose. Stay strong in faith and hope for your time is coming. Despair not and find comfort in that when your time comes nothing can stop me from blessing you abundantly. 

Beloved, pray that I may always keep you satisfied at all times. That you may be patient and trustful and have faith in me and in my purpose for you. Pray that I may protect you from the deceitful virtues of the enemy by gracing you with great satisfaction in what you have and who you are for you are unique.

Avoid greediness.

My child, I see how you desire to be rich. You pray that I may bless you with wealth. You believe that money holds the key to your happiness as it solves most of your problems. The world has so many pleasures, if not careful the pleasures will pull you in. When you drown in the pleasures of the world and believe they hold the key to your happiness, you will never be satisfied. As a result, you will develop greed for more in pursuit of happiness and satisfaction. You will lose your way with me as you shall develop a form of worship for that worldly pleasure such as money that you want to have more of. 

Beloved, learn to be satisfied with that which I have blessed you with. Seek my power and grace instead of money and other pleasures of the world for in me lies true happiness and satisfaction.

My child, pray that I may always make you feel satisfied in me and that I may protect you from falling into temptations of the world.

Reflect On These Words Today:

“A greedy man stirs up strife, but the one who trusts in the Lord will be enriched.”

(Proverbs 28:25)

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