Today’s Devotional

"Commit your ways to me as a leader, and I shall establish you. Fear not for I am always with you..."

Be a great leader.

Dear one, you are anointed and chosen to serve me. Lead by example and imitate the character of Jesus when serving others. Seek my wisdom and knowledge to guide you in your leadership. Leadership is a true sacrifice as it requires you to live righteously. Serve in humility and use your power to seek justice for others. Serving others is serving me.

I am aware there are times you feel that you have no strength to lead as people criticize and condemn you. You live in a world where most people have conformed to the ways of the world, hate correction, and have no respect for leaders. For instance, you are a student leader at your school, people hate you for making them follow the school regulations and rules. As a result, you have no friends and this makes you sad.

Beloved, take heart and stay strong. As a leader, you will come across a lot of difficulties. I will grant you the strength and power to continue leading. As a leader, be merciful, compassionate, and treat others equally and fairly. Pray that I may always give you the strength to overcome the challenges you shall encounter as a leader. To equip you with the qualities that will make you a great leader to serve others. Dismay not, for I shall reward your service greatly.

Respect authority.

My child, respect, submit and honor the authorities in power and command. Respecting authority is an act of respect towards me for I have given power to the authorities and established them. 

There are those times when submission is hard especially when an authority exploits you or does not have your best interests at heart. For instance, you may be having a government that is oppressing you by overtaxing and failing to live up to its promises. Alternatively, you could be having a teacher at your school who keeps picking on you but favors others. Despite such oppressive challenges under authority, maintain your obedience and respect to authority as it is an honor to my commands.

Remember that wickedness does not last nor conquer. Keep obeying my command and leave their oppressive nature to me for my power will work best in you in those times you are oppressed and you will be a testament of my power and grace. This will attract great rewards and blessings. For instance, parenthood is an institution of authority given by me. No matter how your parents might be, maybe they punish you a lot, you feel like they do not love or care about you. Despite all that you may be feeling towards them, love them, and above all honor your mother and father so that your days may be added and this is a command with a promise.

Beloved, I am the supreme authority. Honor and respect me by following my commands. Live righteously and you shall have all that your heart desires. Under my authority, you are guaranteed my divine guidance, protection, provision, and victory. As your supreme leader, my army and I will fight your battles and deliver you to victory.

Beloved, pray that I may always give you the courage to be confident in my promises to you as your leader despite the hard times. That I may assist you to be patient with me at all times. That I may also help you respect the authority in command as it is an act of respect, honor, and obedience to me.

Reflect On These Words Today:

“For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

(Mark 10:45)

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