Today’s Devotional

"Obey my commandments and live righteously for I will fulfill my promises to you..."

Honor my covenant.

My child, you cry out to me seeking that I may reveal your purpose for your life. You feel your life has no meaning and you fail to understand why. You wonder why your life is not going as good as you may want it to or as it should. Whenever you find yourself in distress and experiencing continuous suffering, ask yourself, what are you not doing right?

When you fail to live within my command and teachings you are deemed to notice that something is lacking. You feel empty and unfulfilled as my power and grace has left you. Be faithful to me at all times by embracing my commandments and living righteously as I am faithful to you.  I will reward your faithfulness by fulfilling all that you desire. You have a covenant with me and when you fail to keep your end of the agreement then you dig a pit of destruction or yourself for you shall fall from my grace and glory. For instance, you find so many bad things like your career and marriage crumbling, court cases, poverty, diseases, and many more bad things happening all at once.

Just as a parent cannot stay mad at his child forever, so how can I, your father, afford to stay angry with you forever? The good news is that I may subject you to my wrath but my undying love for you does not allow me to stay angry at you forever and this is why I have given you a chance to redeem yourself. Our covenant can be renewed if you accept me through accepting the salvation and redemption of my son Jesus. Accepting me is choosing to live a life that honors me by obeying my commandments and word. 

Beloved one, I may have caused destruction in your life in anger but you are not defeated. I will lift you up, dust you off and restore to you favor and grace in your life. I will charge you with my power and strength that will guide you on staying on the right path with your father. Peace and joy is your portion.

Your debt is covered.

There is a sense of freedom you feel when you have made a payment on debt to another person. In those times you are not able to pay the debt, you get stressed and depressed.

Similarly living in the bondage of sin and evil has depressed and crushed your soul. The wages of sin have wounded you. Your soul cries out for freedom and nourishment. You desire to feel my presence and grace. Living in spiritual debt has stripped you of your joy and happiness. The enemy has taken advantage of your empty nature and has led you to more darkness by directing you to the worldly ways to seek comfort, joy, and pleasure you so lack. 

Beloved one, in my abounding love and mercy, I gave up my son Jesus to shoulder, suffer and die for your sins.  He bled and died on the cross so that you may be free and by his blood, you are purified and cleansed of evil.  Through Jesus, your debt has been paid and your path made right with me. Embrace my salvation and redemption.

My child, your conscience is clear for your sins are forgiven. You are saved and purified. You are delivered from the claws of evil and I bestow to you peace and healing. My love and power will give you the courage to forgive yourself and release you from the guilt of your sins so that you may feel the joy of salvation and redemption.

Reflect On These Words Today:

“For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

(Romans 6:23)

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