Today’s Devotional

"My dear child, nothing correlates to my safety; strive to acquire it..."

The need for my security

By lacking my security, you are liable to be vandalized, have your property destroyed, or even attacked. In a world full of hostility, jealousy, and cruelty, these acts don’t just happen without someone having planned for them. Everyone is at risk of experiencing the consequences of these vices that bring too much pressure in your life and increase the worry of where to get protection. It is ineffective to prioritize another human being as your security before me. I am omnipresent, and I know everything that will happen even before you do. So if you are worrying that your money will be extorted or your property destroyed, deploy me for security. I will armor you from any harm planned against you. Conceal into me and harbor under my wings.

My child, you get into trials and temptations, and as a result, you sin. As humans, you will repeatedly make mistakes, for it is inevitable but I assure you that you are protected from falling into temptations when you rest in my arms. I have the power to avert or prevent things from happening. That person who has planned to steal from you, I will stop them and erase their evil thoughts. Similarly, the temptation the devil has plotted against you will not succeed. Those who acknowledge my name are always rescued from dangers strategized out by the devil. I will guard you against those who try to make you compromise your convictions. To encounter authentic fulfillment in me, you will need to put me first in everything you do.

Deploy Faith As Security

Oh, Faithful one, embrace constant faith and trust in me so that you can put your fears to rest, and by doing so, you are sure I have protected you. Trust in me and my pledges to defend and offer security for you to live bravely and confidently. Believe me that nothing will elude my attention nor remove you from my hands. Turn yourself away from misguided priorities and ask for safety through prayer. The faith you have in me creates a relationship with me that will determine your security and your eternal future rather than the world. Always remember to pray for safety over your lives, properties, children, and every path you choose to take. I will keep your foot from being caught in a trap. 

When you call unto me, I hear my dear child and prepare to meet all your needs. Bring yourself to rest in my arms where I will protect you from all your troubles. Focus on living a life that pleases me, confide in me and oppose all the distractions of life. Let me keep you away from temptation through the faith you have in me. As a result, you will triumph over them and proclaim your problems to my ability. 

My dear child, I keep the world and everything in it; what of you? I have no limit to my acts, and nothing is impossible. May you have your faith in me to believe that I am capable of finding the solution in any circumstance. Anywhere you set your feet to will always be protected. Your guards will offer security to you, but they will fail. I can change something to work in your favor. I will guard you through this journey called life. When the enemy tries to hurt you, your eternal security officer will be there to give you his protection.

Reflect On These Words Today:

“Because he loves me,” says the Lord, “I will rescue him; I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name.”

(Psalm 91:14)

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