Today’s Devotional

"My dear child, my teachings will transform your life..."

The need for my teachings

To live right is to allow my word to guide you. It’s unheard of that someone who has lived without me has lived right. Challenges, stress, pain are the order of their days. At no point are they at peace, causing them to develop bad attitudes and traits. They stagnate their lives and don’t make any progress because challenges limit them from doing so. One who is knowledgeable with my teachings knows me and lives with faith. It is not just getting equipped with my teachings but practicing them. My teachings are all in my book, the Bible. 

For instance, if you learned that I do not let anyone who accepts me in their lives suffer through a challenge but rather give them the strength to get over it, would you let yourself continue suffering, or would you accept me in your life? Most of you, it’s not that they haven’t heard about my word; they have just let the evil control them to ignore it. You suffer in life because of your own choices. I assure you that once you adopt my teachings in your life, your life will never be the same again. You will flourish and be delighted, for my grace will always be over you.

My dear child, there are times when you will feel as if nothing is making sense in your life. You will start to lose hope condemning yourself. In the real sense, you brought all that to yourself. You have a solution, but you tend to think that my teachings are for specific people, and that’s where you go wrong.

Every good thing points at me, whereas the bad things happening to you point back at you. Resonate to come to me, hear of my word and act towards how it says, and wait for the results. Do not pressurize yourself but instead find time for me in your schedule. When you say a prayer and read my words, you will feel my presence. Little by little, faith in me will grow in you, and eventually, you will get confident in me. Everything you ask will be given to you as long as it happens according to my will. I will train you in your imprudence, shortcomings, and sin then lead you to gain wisdom, strength, and righteousness.

Steering your life through my teachings

My dear child, if you want to triumph over the challenges that make your life lose its meaning, allow my word to guide you. I am always with a person who obeys me to the very end of age. Meaning that I will always be at your side until you age, so expect to live a good life. Bad health, financial constraints, or accidents will never overcome you. I love you, and that’s why I gave you my word. This is to ease your journey through life, and those times when it seems rough, I will smoothen it for you. 

I sent my son, who, among other things, taught you how to live and act in the world under my teachings. He has the authority to decide my will in your lives, so you should strive to act according to what he has taught you. Familiarize yourself with my word, and once you do it, you have defeated every single challenge in your life. I am pleased by those who have adopted my word in their lives, and my provision is always with them. My teachings help reprove, correct and coach you in righteousness. All the answers to your problems are in my teachings. You will pass any test that comes your way if you follow my teachings.

Reflect On These Words Today:

“I will instruct you and teach you in the way which you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you.”

(Psalms 25:12)

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