Today’s Devotional

"My child, if faith can move mountains, what of your life?..."

Faith will solve your hindrances.

Most people have instilled in themselves the thought that building faith is hard or not worth it. The experiences they have had of suffering through challenges have contributed to those beliefs. When one prays, they want an answer immediately, and when I don’t answer, they start to think that their faith in me is not of use which is testing me. If you have strong faith in me, you will wait till I answer your needs. I am a God of my words and all I have promised you; I will do it. I am not stunned by your trials or struggles. Remember, I know of all your needs even before you ask me. I have good intentions for you, and I intend to see each one of you live a life that is free from all troubles. My son sacrificed himself to reconcile me with you and I accepted the sacrifice because I want to be close to you and lead you through life. The step to growing your faith in me is to believe that my word is accurate and trust what it says. You put your faith in me when you believe what is in my word. When you have faith in me, you are assured that good will come out of any bad thing you undergo.

My dear child, problems in the world will never come to an end, so it is upon you to find a way to deal with them. Everyone has their problems, and no human being would tolerate or have the strength to handle all humanity’s problems simultaneously. If you believe that I can solve them for you, you can achieve so. Increase your faith in me, and I will take you out of situations you think that you couldn’t. My power is not surpassed by any other, so no problem is beyond my reach.

Grow your faith in me

When caught up in a situation, people have normalized telling their fellows to believe in themselves. They give you a tap on your shoulder and encourage you that you can overcome it. Rarely will you find people telling you to believe in me yet I am the Omnipotent God capable of solving all your challenges. Growing your faith in me doesn’t just happen within a day. It is a journey in which you will require patience and hard work. You will face plenty of challenges that you never faced before embarking on that journey yet it is through those challenges that you will be successful. 

When you pray, be sure that I listen, and through this, you will be led to the increment of your faith. Faith heals, and when you feel sick, pray and believe that you are healed. Doubts threaten to have or increase your faith in me, for it tells your mind that it is not possible if you don’t get to a hospital to get treated.

Additionally, reading my word adds faith to you. However, do not just read but listen to my voice and obey it. The HolySpirit will guide you in that journey. My words will change and alter your way of thinking. I am perfect, and you will want to imitate me and see things and think about how I do. Despite the efforts to grow your faith, it is useless if you do not put it into action. Putting into practice faith is like believing that you will heal even when you can’t lift your head to feed. This is acting towards my words, allowing them to grow in you, settling in you, become active and strong in your life.

Reflect On These Words Today:

“The Lord makes firm the steps of the one who delights in him; though he may stumble, he will not fall, for the Lord upholds him with his hand.”

(Psalm 37:24)

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