Today’s Devotional

"I Am Your Fortress, Protecting You From Danger, Do Not Tremble..."

The Fear Is The Enemies.

What is more crippling like fear? Fear can make you stay in one place for so long because you do not want to move, lest something wrong happen.  Most times fear is propelled by lies and when light is shed on the matter, you notice the foundation is totally far from happening.  You may have grown up in a home that is not stable, where you hardly felt any happiness or received any love, later in life, you may have so much fear of having broken relationships, such that the way you interact with people is interfered with. You may have worked on yourself so much, but still, feelings and thoughts of being unworthy flood your mind, because you do not want to repeat a cycle.

My child, your life is independent of someone else’s, and just because something happened to them, it doesn’t mean it will happen to you. When you have experienced all these things, you must have picked things you wouldn’t want to do, since you know the impact it has had on you. The enemy knows that there are so many things you have done, and he uses any way he can to make sure he stops you. 

Look at yourself in light of me, not your parent, sibling past, or anything else. You are my child, and in me, you are a new creation. Whenever I speak my word, you think I’m speaking to everyone else but you, you may even be afraid to approach me, because you have thought you don’t deserve it. My child, my promises are for you, every word I have written down is for you. Do not hide anymore, do not believe the lies anymore, come to me and let me show you the truth. You have been held captive in your mind by your thoughts, you have lived a very sheltered life without exploring who you truly are. Allow me in your life and let me set you free from these shackles. Though you may be afraid to fall, my angels will be there to hold you, so that you do not hurt yourself.

Rest In Me, I Will Protect You.

You may be terrified of what could unexpectedly happen to your children, your husband, or your loved ones. Maybe you are afraid of the report you will get from the doctor, or maybe your business closed down and you are wondering how you will make ends meet. You may also be haunted by the thought of death, how it will come and what it will mean for you eternally. When you have all these fears, put your trust in me. So far even now I have protected you from harm. I know in some cases, where for example, you found your medical test results have a bad report, you may wonder if I’m truly trustworthy, and if I am, then how are you supposed to trust me when things are still going wrong.

Beloved one, in all circumstances, I am in control and nothing gets me by surprise. Fear and faith cannot stay in the same place; fear denies you all the answers but faith knows I will fight for them. Even though you do not understand how things will go, rest assured that if you let me help you, you will not have to worry about it anymore.

Reflect On These Words Today:

“The LORD will fulfill his purpose for me; your steadfast love, O LORD, endures forever. Do not forsake the work of your hands.”

(Psalms 138:8)

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