Today’s Devotional

"Give And Will Be Given Back To You, For With The Measure You Use, It Will Be Measured To You..."

Let Me Be Your Provider.

You might have heard or experienced firsthand a scenario where you did not have food or anything on the table, and then out of the blues, someone just comes and offers you food or money. You may have been late on the payment of your rent, or you have a lot of school arrears which you don’t know how to set off. Once you have started to pray about it, you might have experienced my miraculous provision. So why is it so easy to still struggle and assume that you are to do things yourself? You may have shared the last of what you have with others, where else, you did not know where the next provision will come from, because of your obedience and reliability on me, I have always provided and I will continue to reward you for this.

My precious child, you can spend so much time worrying endlessly about how you will get by or how things will turn out for you rather than taking that time to trust me. I have your best interests at heart, and even if sometimes you may step out to take care of yourself, it is best to rely on me, remember my promises, and trust my character. I have provided for creation, and you are part of it, then why do you not spend time in thankfulness and prayer, trusting that I know what you need and I care. 

My child, you may have lacked so much and your life may have been a constant struggle. You work so hard and stay up so late to make things happen. You may have upheld yourself in dignity and you are not ready to compromise for material things. Often the enemy has lied to you that you are not lucky, that you will always be from one problem to another. Slowly you started to accept that as truth and you do not fight as much as you did back then. I can see your resilience dwindling and all the excitement you had in the expectation that things will become so much better have started fading. How sad it is when a child constantly feels let down by their father, because where else will they go to seek help?

I Know You By Name.

I know all there is to know about you my dear one, I have searched you and know you, I know when you stand up and when you sit down, I understand your thoughts from far away. I observe your rest and when you move, I am aware of all your ways. Before a word is on your tongue, I know all about it. I have encircled you and placed my hand on you. Though the thoughts I have about you are way too far, I will help you reach them. I have a very special plan for you, you who have been despised and belittled. You are not an accident and you were not destined to suffer as you may have been lied to.  You are a part of my eternal plan, all to bring glory and to serve me. 

My child, find rest in my assured promises, let your focus be on me, that eventually, I will make all things new and good. I have created all things and for my pleasure I created them, and my joy comes in knowing my children are well kept.

Reflect On These Words Today:

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.”

(James 1:17)

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