Today’s Devotional

"My child, I know The Plans I Have For You, PlansTo Give You Hope And A Future..."

I Am Your Refuge And Your Fortress.

Health insurance serves the purpose of protecting somebody from financially catastrophic and unpredictable events. Catastrophic events are difficult to predict and their costs can go beyond one’s means. Health insurance helps to cover these costs when one pays affordable monthly premiums. Health insurance has come in handy to save lives and help many people get proper treatment without entirely affecting their livelihoods. Health insurance has also improved its care by considering people who have preexisting conditions.

My child, when you are facing difficult situations, you are mostly alone. In such moments, you may look around for all the people who were there during the good times and you can’t seem to find them.  You may have felt overwhelmed by some life events that have happened to you that you do not know what to do about them. Like health insurance, let me be your friend because I will stick closer than a brother. I will love you at all times, more so during your times of adversity. My child, do not worry and let not your heart be weary. Just as you may have needed health insurance direly, I will be your fortress when you face these storms.

My child, health insurance may sideline you when you have preexisting conditions, but my face is on the weak and lowly. I will take you in when no one else will. I am faithful and I will protect you and strengthen you from every evil plan. Take courage with the knowledge that no mountain or valley, no sickness or sin can separate you from my love. My precious child, be still as I direct your heart into perseverance and hope.

Like Health Insurance, I Am Your Great Defender.

Health insurance comes in handy in negotiating prices. Health insurance uses its market power to obtain price adjustments from the health care systems or hospitals. Covered patients get to pay less when they pay out of pocket since they now get to benefit from these discounts. Each Health insurer negotiates for lower prices with each doctor and hospital. The negotiated prices vary within an insurance company, also depending on the plan a patient has. Every hospital has its own list of charges to give the patients for different services. It is only health insurance that will cover you from being overcharged.

My beloved child, many accusations may be brought before me against you. A lot of obstacles may try to stand in your way.  Though you may experience them for a moment, I will be your shield. You may worry that there is no one to stand up for you, but like health insurance, I will negotiate all your cases.  Because you are under my wing, ill motives will not get to you. Though your enemies will try to use every avenue to get to you, I will be your health insurance and with my power, they will know that you cannot be touched.

Precious one, you may not know the plans anyone has against you. As a child, your heart is pure and I see your hope in me. Just as health insurance negotiates prices for its patients without their knowledge, I will defend you from any violence. I will be your rock and the horn of your salvation. My child, know that you have a savior in me, and I will be there whenever you call on me.

Reflect on These Words Today

“But the Lord has been my stronghold, and my God the rock of my refuge.”

(Psalms 94:22)

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