Today’s Devotional

"The Suffering Of Your Present Time, Are Not Worth Comparing To The Glory That Is To Be Shown To You..."

Have Faith Even During Difficult Times.

You may be going through hardships, whether it’s a painful relationship, financial troubles, or illness. When you are questioning your self-worth, it is hard for you to realize that I am still working in you. Often you have based your belief on what you see and not on faith, which I would want you to focus on. I know it may be difficult for you to trust me during uncertain times, but know that your ways are not mine and ultimately I will work all things for your good to suit my purpose.

As you go through your daily life, you experience difficult situations. You may have been faithful to me, you do things properly and you are far from sin. When you are going through suffering, you become surprised that I allowed these things to happen to you, yet you forget that I told you that in this world you will experience hardships. I have given you a gift of faith and I would want you to use this strength.  A lot of times you may not have faith completely, and when one bad thing happens, your mind takes you down a spiral of negativity, and you think that things can only get worse, or rather, you remove me from the captainship of your life and you start directing yourself with your own thoughts because you think I do not know how to do it. You may be quick to worry and try to find solutions, and that shows a lack of trust in me, and believing that I am never truly helpful.

My child, the faith I have given you is not because you deserve it, but as a result of everlasting goodness towards you. I have given you faith not as an exchange of the good work you do, but rather as a thing to hold on to when things are not working. In difficult times, allow faith to make you find peace in my presence. Do not let pride harden your heart or cause you to grow distant from me. Give me all your struggles so that I can lift up this heavy burden from you.  Let your spirit not be filled with constant worry when you are surrounded by uncertainties, wait and see, that I will make things new again. When you stand firm, surely I will reward your patience, allow me to refine your character.

Let Your Faith Be Pleasing

Though you may not know what to do next, and you may have pressure from all corners to find worldly solutions, be disciplined enough to stick to the right path. Faith sometimes may look like foolishness, the fact that you have complete trust that something will happen, yet you do not have facts to support it, but I have fed the birds and I have always clothed the lilies in the field, then how much more will I make sure your needs are met? Your faith pleases me, and with it, you have access to so many things.  No sin can be forgiven, you cannot have an assurance of happiness and peace until you fully surrender and have faith. 

You may not believe in my word, or you become skeptical about what I say, it may be because you feel that at some point I was not there as you wanted. Let us try again, even with your faith as small as a mustard seed, focus it on me. Be keen to notice the events in your life and sure you will not miss me in each one of them.

Reflect On These Words Today:

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope of your present.”

(Romans 15:13)

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