Today’s Devotional

"The One Who Doubts Is Like A Wave Of Sea, Blown And Tossed Away..."

Knock Until The Door Is Opened.

I am the builder of everything in your life, I establish the foundation of whatever you go through and I allow you to be a part of it by requiring you to serve me. My child, I want you to serve me out of love, not out of guilt and fear. One way of serving me is persevering and staying faithful through every struggle you face. Most times, when your life is going smoothly and you are making merry and you are comfortable, you feel like everything is working out well for you, even though your spiritual life is drying up. Though the repercussions of the deadness can show up way later when it’s too late and you don’t know what to do. I use the struggles you go through as a way of developing my relationship with you.  If a storm came, it would show the weak parts of your house and which part needs repair, in the same way, struggles point out the strong and weak parts of your faith.  I want to build a strong house with you, wherewith this transformation you can remain faithful, just as I do to you.

My precious one, do you think you can persevere through the long term? When you feel left alone and abandoned?  I desire that you maintain your hope in me and hold firmly to the confidence that I will do what I have promised to do. Use every situation to bring growth and to make you become more firm in me. In a world where most people don’t want to be uncomfortable or bothered, it is very rare to find someone who is willing to stay even when things get tough. I have given you the ability to walk through your problems, and when you hand them to me, you will ultimately claim victory.

Let Your Heart Not Be Divided.

Consider it pure joy my child, whenever you face trials of many kinds because then you will know I am testing your faith and that can only build you. The lessons stand, and perseverance must finish its work for you to be mature and complete. Think of a scenario where a young one can’t stop crying over something, but you hold it back because you know it’s not good for them, or you want them to know how to appreciate it more. When they start wailing and dragging themselves on the ground, you become inclined to give it to them because you want them to settle down, will that have served the purpose you were trying to achieve?

I am your father who disciplines you where need be because I love you. I do not want to smother you with love that will lead you astray rather, rather I will impact my lessons until they transform your being. Be patient at this time, because it will all be for your good.  For you to fulfill my purpose, you have to be mature and ready and that does not come by being too comfortable. In order for you to find joy even in your suffering, desiring to let the glory come back to me will keep you going. In every situation, let your goals to know me more and reflect my character. Only when this is true will you have joy even when your faith is being put to the test.

Reflect On These Words Today:

“The LORD makes firm the steps of the one who delights in him; though he may stumble, he will not fall, for the LORD upholds him with his hand.”


(Psalms 37:23-24)

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