Today’s Devotional

"I Abound In Steadfast Love For All Who Call Upon Me, For I Am Good And Forgiving..."

My Mercies Endure Forever.

What a great thing to know that you are always protected and you have a place to call home? Have you ever thought that I delight in showing you mercy? Even a father in the world, extends a hand of forgiveness to his child and embraces them back, how much more can I do that? Just as a father, I do not force you to toe the line to be perfect and when you fail, or only offer harsh actions.

I know you try to live right in obedience to me, but being human, it is quite difficult and you often fall.  Day in day out you realize your inability to live up to my standards. When I have left you to your own strength, temptations have overwhelmed you and the struggles of life seem to be never-ending, only then have you realized, that unless through me, everything could be vain.  My desire is to step into your life and offer forgiveness and compassion where there has been guilt and failure. I desire to pick you up even after you have made a mess and comfort you, while at the same time, guiding you to a way of living differently.

My child, do not forget all my benefits, I heal your diseases, forgive your wrong-doing, I redeem your life from taking a downward spiral, and I crown you with steadfast mercy and love. I continuously take your sin and shame and crown you with grace. In this life, you will make mistakes, there will not be a single day in which you can claim you have not sinned. But daily your life should show you that it is not about how imperfect you are but my perfect love for you. It has never been about your successes or failures, but the fact that I love you through all these situations. When you wake up, make a choice to embrace my mercy and have a good day, rather than dwelling on the sins and struggles you had yesterday.

Everything Should Be Done In Love.

Love calms a lot of raging storms. Have you ever left somewhere, maybe work or school, or just a place where you weren’t treated so well, and in the back of your mind, you just can’t wait to go home and have a shoulder to cry on and tell all the things that bother you? There is someone who makes you feel so safe and understood and you know they will not judge you but will guide you on how to handle such situations. 

My child, you may have never experienced true love and you cannot imagine the power it has. Yet it is so powerful and it can consume your soul and spirit. When you are in a relationship with me, you constantly wonder how someone can love you so intensely such that they are never tired of you and they always come to your aid. It is a love that cannot be extinguished no matter what happens. Look up to me, whenever you despair and feel lonely, let me comfort you. People may be good, but only for a time. Allow me into your life and release yourself to my tender love. Tell me of all the events of your life, I desire to be close to you, and I will give you insights that will lead you to the right path.

Reflect On These Words Today:

“Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.”

(Psalm 23:6)

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