Today’s Devotional

"Put Into Practice Whatever You Have Learned Or Received From Me, And My Peace Will Be With You..."

Run Your Race With Perseverance.

Perseverance is the ability to stick around even when things get difficult and continue to push through, in the hope that things will work out. When you have faith and you are able to look at the bigger picture, then you can surely wait despite the judgments of other people. Sometimes persevering because of faith may look like foolishness before the eyes of people, since the wisdom of the world is way different. If you are not courageous enough, you may easily give up. For you to walk well with me, you have to not be a people pleaser, you have to drop the desire to look right, but believe that I am making sense of everything. While you are persevering, you have to allow yourself to be vulnerable, so that my work may run smoothly to achieve its course.

My child, do you feel like giving up when troubles come your way? You may not be letting my teachings get deep into your life, and so you choose to keep it only for a short time for your benefit. But when troubles come. you quickly give up and depart from me. If this is the way you go about it, do you presume that you will be able to reach any of your goals and grow spiritually? The tests you get in life are checking your character and spiritual strength. If you are not rooted in me, then you will not have the conviction or motivation to endure the challenges of life. Often you may question if I was really true to my word when things go wrong because you are unable to hold on to me and believe.

Precious one, dig deeper within yourself to find the motivation to keep going, especially when you reach a place of pain. I will hold you through your journey, till you end it in the right way, having kept the price. I will guide you in my truth and teach you because I am your savior and your hope is in me all day long.

Let Your Integrity Be Strengthened.

My dear child, it is very easy to conform to the patterns of the world and feel the need to fit in with people, such that when they speak ill of someone, you feel inclined to do so, and when they do something really wrong, you find it hard to stand your ground. This is what character is, and not who you say you are, it is the actions. I am not looking for an incredible person to use for my purposes, I am looking for a reliable one. I have seen your ability to break through problems and grow into a better life. Even though all the challenges you have faced have had the potential to take you down, the strength of your character has enabled you to not only face the storm but to turn it to your advantage, for this my child, I am well pleased.

Out of love, follow me with obedience. I may put you through trial, and cross-examine you. I will test the motives of your heart, but even as I do so, be aware of my unfailing love, and live according to the truth I have offered you. Continue keeping yourself off lies, and you will see the positions that I bring in your life will be long-lasting.

Reflect On These Words Today:

“Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but whoever hates correction is stupid.”

(Proverbs 12:1)

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