Today’s Devotional

“My precious child, let prayer be the source of comfort and assurance to cushion you against losses when trouble sets in..."


The survival of human beings on earth can be very difficult yet some people find it so enjoyable. While there are millions of people depressed and looking for ways to end their lives with the belief that it will end their suffering. There are billions of people crying out to me to add more time to their lifespan so that they can live longer and enjoy life.  These people have learned to appreciate life as it comes and no matter the challenges they encounter along the way, the fact that they can cry out to me gives them the hope that I am in charge and nothing will face them that I cannot cushion them against.

My precious one, for you to appreciate the gift of life and enjoy every moment, you need to constantly seek me through prayer. It is only through prayer that your spirit is able to communicate directly to me in my throne of mercy. Prayer is the meeting point between humanity and divinity and it is the language that the heavens understand no matter who calls out to them. Even when you are discouraged and pushed into the dark, cry out to me for I can hear the spirit calling out to me even in the deepest and darkest abyss. 

Take prayer as your daily guide to enable you to navigate through life confidently. Input it in your daily schedule and ensure that you cover your day with prayer as you begin it. The essence of it is to ensure that you seek the intercession of the heavens so that they may watch over you and protect you. Through praying to me, I am able to send the Holy Spirit to you to get rid of all traps the enemy has set for you. When thieves rob a house, they do not send a notification to the owner that they are on a robbery mission. If they did, the owner would not sleep but remain guarding hence the robbing mission would fail terribly.  In a similar manner, the challenges of life will come when you least expect them and the enemy will wait to attack you when you are most vulnerable. To be on the guard and come out successfully, you need to create a prayer lifestyle around you and when the accidents of life come to you, you will be prepared.

In a Relationship With Your Creator

My beloved, strive to build a good relationship with me at all times. Do not be like a child who only runs to the mother when hungry yet they cannot be found at any other moment.

While it is human to disregard me and only remember me when you are in trouble and require assistance, be different and allow me to be your closest friend and stick to me in both times of joy and in difficult moments. As your God, I will hide you under my wings and the enemy will not be able to find you. I will open the doors of mercy unto you through my works in you, you shall forever proclaim the greatness of my name to all generations.

Thoughts to reflect on today:

“My God, my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold and my refuge, my savior; you save me from violence. I call upon the Lord who is worthy to be praised, and I am saved from my enemies.”

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